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New All-Ceramic Cartridge With Industry-Leading Reliability

Heylo is transitioning to the latest and greatest all-ceramic cartridge on the market to provide the best possible customer experience.
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How-to: Removing Protective Rubber Stopper from Heylo and Treehaus Cartridges

Did you know Heylo's Clean Core vapes come with a rubber stopper to protect the vape from dust and debris? Removing the topper is easy.
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Our Blade Tip Turns Your Battery Into a Hot Knife

Turn your existing battery into a hot knife with the Heylo Blade Tip, available now on Amazon.
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"Live Resin" Vape Cartridges are Mostly BS. Here's why.

The term live resin is used on a huge number of vapes and other cannabis products like edibles. Let's explore the noise around this term, and how to find truly high-quality products.
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What are Live Resin Vapes? Why are Live Resin Vapes Popular?

We're breaking down what live resin is and why it's being marketed in vape cartridges across the country. Does it live up to the hype?
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Introducing Heylo's Most Advanced Vape Hardware Yet

Heylo is leveling up our vape hardware to continue to lead the industry with the highest quality cannabis experience.
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