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The Terpene Trio: Exploring the Effects of Myrcene, Pinene, and Caryophyllene in Cannabis

We take a deep dive into three common terpenes found in cannabis, including recent research and how they affect cannabis experiences.
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Discover Zenco: The Best Way to Vape and Share Vapor

The Zenco is the best way to consume cannabis vapor in a social setting - or alone! Learn why.
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Heylo and Treehaus Vapes are DOH-Compliant and Eligible for New Excise Tax Savings

Heylo's products have always been as clean as you'll ever find - but now they include an excise tax exemption for medical patients.
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CBGeezus is Back: Why This CBG-Rich Vape is Above The Rest

CBGeezus is back on shelves in Washington State. What makes this high-CBG cannabis oil so special? Here's what to expect.
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Unlocking the Potential Benefits of CBC: Heylo's Blue Runtz Vape

Let's explore the world of CBC, its myriad benefits, and how it plays a prominent role in Heylo's new vape product, Blue Runtz.
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Introducing Yolo - A Clean, High-Potency, Pure Cannabis Vape

Yolo is a clean, high-potency, pure cannabis vape at a killer price, made by Heylo in Seattle, WA with love.
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