Heylo helps people use cannabis to get more out of life.

Our products feature whole-bud, full-spectrum cannabis extracts curated to life experiences.

Why Heylo

The Experience

Heylo products feel better than the rest
because they're as close to the plant as possible.


We work tirelessly to find the best growers, cannabis chemovars, and unique cannabinoid profiles that are balanced and cater to well-rounded, positive experiences.


Our state-of-the-art CO2 extraction techniques, our Eden Labs Hi-Flo™, and our advanced post-processing methods ensure respecting the plant at every stage of development


Enhancing experiences with cannabis does not require adding foreign agents - in fact, the best product comes with by delivering an extract as similar to the whole plant as possible.
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Some of Our Products


Simply the best vapes because they're the closest to the plant. The only ingredient in Heylo vapes is pure, full-bud, pesticide-free cannabis. We tirelessly search for unique chemistry in flower to produce remarkable experiences.
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Body Budder

A 1:1 THC-CBD full-spectrum intensive, non-psychoactive topical to use on areas of pain, inflammation, itching, soreness, and more.
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Body Balm

A healing balm with an initial cooling tingle followed by deep warming sensation of soothing relief.
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Louder THC Lube

A sensational personal lubricant that ignites intimacy and opens up a new world for both men and women with 50mg THC per bottle. 
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Product Families

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To help anyone
get more out of life with cannabis

Heylo is a company built from two core values - education and transparency. Our Mission is driving force behind our products, packaging, events, and community.

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