CBGeezus is Back: Why This CBG-Rich Vape is Above The Rest

CBGeezus is back on shelves in Washington State. What makes this high-CBG cannabis oil so special? Here's what to expect.

In the hyper-competitive Washington State cannabis market, few products take off with such fervor that they develop disciples within just days of release. CBGeezus was a notable exception with its release in mid-2021.

CBGeezus is a high-CBG, full-spectrum pure cannabis oil by Heylo available as a vape in retail stores across Washington State. The oil achieved immediate fanfare for its positive, mood-enhancing effects with a gentle, relaxed, and focused "high".

Why is CBGeezus better than the rest? 

Fast-forward to the end of 2023 and there are now a wide-variety of CBG-rich products on the market in Washington and across the United States (even many available online). However, most of these CBG products lack "magic" that Heylo's CBGeezus and CBG Blend possess. Why? The "secret" of our formulation is simple - we proccess with full-bud and we optimize for a wide-range of compounds. This provides a dramatically improved experienced over the CBG isolate (or distillate) that nearly all CBG products on the market possess.

Heylo processes with full-bud and we optimize for a wide-range of compounds - meaning a better experience for you.
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Crystallization? Dark/Cloudy Coloring? What's Up With That?!

One of the challenges with a true full-spectrum, CBG-rich product is crystallization. This is a natural process that occurs because, in its pure form, CBG is a crystal. Crystallization could be avoided by reformulating with botanical terpenes or compounds not found in the flower, but that's not the Heylo way. To provide the best experience possible, we aim to produce a vape that brings forward the entire unique chemistry of the cannabis flower. That means we have to accept that crystallization will occur, especially at colder temps. Crystallization can be reversed by warming up the cartridge, and often reverses itself through use of the vape cartridge.

And what about that dark/cloudy opaque color? Isn't that bad? Not at all! This is also simply a byproduct of bringing the entire natural chemistry of the cannabis flower blend into the final product. While much of the market celebrates light-colored oil, the lightness of the oil does not dictate the quality of the experience one will have when they vape. Test this for yourself! 

CBGeezus is Back And Better Than Ever

CBGeezus periodically sells out in Washington State. While Heylo works to avoid this scenario, it is a product of limited availability of high-quality CBG-rich flower. We're excited to report that, as of November 2023, CBGeezus is available once again. Each time we re-introduce the product we take steps to make sure it is formulated to be as good or better than the last batch.

Below, a previous iteration of the popular CBG-dominant vape.

A previous iteration of CBGeezus, a full gram vape cartridge by Heylo

Tell Me More About the Analytics and Experience

Learning a bit about CBG will go a long way to helping you understand the unique effects and experience of CBGeezus. But CBG is not a lone actor of this product (nor any Heylo product - it's always full-spectrum). The ratio of CBG to THC combined with the unique array of terpenes unlock an uplifting, clear-headed experience that pairs well with almost anything.

You can explore the analytics of CBGeezus, listen to the strain's playlist, and access other information about the cannabis oil from the strain's page on the Heylo website.

Questions? Comments? Care to share your experience? Leave a note in the comment section or send us your feedback here!

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