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CBGeezus is Back. A High-CBG Vape Designed for Better Days.

CBGeezus is Back. A High-CBG Vape Designed for Better Days.

August 25, 2022
CBGeezus is back on shelves in Washington State. What makes this high-CBG cannabis oil so special? Here's what to expect.

In the hyper-competitive Washington State cannabis market, few products take off with such fervor that they develop disciples within just days of release. CBGeezus was a notable exception with its release in mid-2021.

CBGeezus is a high-CBG, full-spectrum pure cannabis oil by Heylo available as a vape in retail stores across Washington State. The oil achieved immediate fanfare for its positive, mood-enhancing effects with a gentle, relaxed, and focused "high".

Alas, CBGeezus was hit with a doubly-whammy in early 2022, causing it to removed from the Heylo menu, until now.

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Why Was CBGeezus Gone? 

Heylo made the decision to reformulate CBGeezus after customers experienced issues related to crystallization with the oil in cartridges. While crystallization poses no harm, it can make vapes difficult or nearly impossible to use. That doesn't meet our standard of excellence, so we pulled the vape from our menu and went back to work.

As soon as CBGeezus was no longer for sale, we heard from a loud chorus of customers, budtenders, and store buyers, asking when it would be available again. Our own team celebrated this oil and its generous, happy, and motivating effects. It aligns perfectly with Heylo's mission, and we have been eager to get it back on the menu since the day it left.

CBGeezus 1 gram vape cartridge by Heylo

CBGeezus is Back And Better Than Ever

The process of reformulation allowed the Heylo Team time to further experiment and collect data and insight on the product and its development. While we thought we knew a lot about hemp CBG extraction, we learned a tremendous amount more while formulating this oil. It shows in the final product.

CBGeezus 1 gram vape cartridge using a Heylo Clean Core vape

Tell Me More About the Analytics and Experience

Learning a bit about CBG will go a long way to helping you understand the unique effects and experience of CBGeezus. But CBG is not a lone actor of this product (nor any Heylo product - it's always full-spectrum). The ratio of CBG to THC combined with the unique array of terpenes unlock an uplifting, clear-headed experience that pairs well with almost anything. CBGeezus is also available in Heylo Jam (dabbable extract) and provides a wonderful experience on its own or paired with your favorite flower or oil products.

You can explore the analytics of CBGeezus, listen to the strain's playlist, and access other information about the cannabis oil from the strain's page on the Heylo website.

Questions? Comments? Care to share your experience? Leave a note in the comment section or send us your feedback here!

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