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Introducing Yolo - A Clean, High-Potency, Pure Cannabis Vape

Introducing Yolo - A Clean, High-Potency, Pure Cannabis Vape

August 29, 2023
Yolo is a clean, high-potency, pure cannabis vape at a killer price, made by Heylo in Seattle, WA with love.

For more than six years Heylo has been known for delivering exceptional cannabis experiences to help anyone get more out of life. We achieve this by making vapes that are as close to the plant as possible, with unique chemistry and full-bud cannabis as our only ingredient. 

More recently, Heylo introduced the Treehaus family of vapes to provide a similar, full-spectrum experience at a lower cost to consumers. Treehaus has been a hit across Washington State, eclipsing Heylo in sales in 2022. 

And now, Heylo is excited to round out our family of vape experiences with a new brand with a clear purpose: Yolo

High-potency, pesticide free, exceptional hardware, killer price. 

Yo, Lo - Why Did You Make Yolo? 

If you only live once, live life on purpose. Yolo is an affordable pure cannabis vape that is high-potency and clean in premium ceramic/glass hardware. No cutting agents, pesticides, or anything other than cannabis. That’s the Yolo promise. 

Who should buy Yolo? 

The customer is price and potency-motivated, but also seeking a high that is driven purely by cannabis rather than flavors and other cutting agents. 

3 launch strains, including Snorlax (Indica), Green Runtz (Sativa), and Kushland Signature (Hybrid)

Is Yolo “Live Resin”? What are the ingredients?

Yolo is pure cannabis, and we’re up front about it. Most vapes on the market claiming to be “live resin” are really just distillate with a blend of terpenes from non-cannabis sources

Yolo is distillate plus cannabis terpenes from full-bud cannabis.

Which strains are available? 


Genetics: Zkittlez x Gelato x Green Crack

Embark on an extraordinary quest with Green Runtz, an enchanting, euphoric adventure through a rainbow wonderland. This Sativa-Hybrid is a party for your senses and has a balanced, uplifting high. 


Genetics: Bubblegum x Huckleberry

Much like a beloved wholesale shopping experience, Kushland Signature delivers on quality and value with well-balanced genetics. Join the club for a relaxing, mellow, but not overly-sedating high. 


Genetics: Omega x Amnesia Cookies x Alice in Wonderland

Prepare to evolve into the ultimate relaxation experience with Snorlax, a potent indica strain that embodies the serene and tranquil nature of its namesake. For a deep sleep and a gentle demeanor, Snorlax is the perfect companion for those seeking true rest and relaxation after a long day of catching ‘em all.

heylo vs treehaus vs yolo

What's the difference between Heylo, Treehaus and Yolo?

Let's start with what's the same: all three product lines are pure cannabis. All three are pesticide-free. All three have the highest-quality ceramic/glass hardware on the market.

But beyond that, they are remarkably different, enabling very distinct experiences with cannabis.

Here's a graphic that illustrates the key differences.

In a future blog, we'll go into even greater depth on this topic.

Where Can I Buy Yolo? 

Yolo is launching under a limited-release with select partners in Washington State. You can find the product on the shelves of the following valued partners. 

  • American Mary Ballard
  • Canna West Seattle 
  • Hahstag Everett
  • Hahstag Redmond 
  • Hashtag Seattle 
  • Herb's House (Ballard)
  • Kemp's Cannabis - Belltown 
  • Lux Ballard 
  • Lux Belltown
  • Lux Lake City 
  • Origins Cannabis Redmond 
  • Origins Cannabis West Seattle 
  • Oz. (Fremont)
  • Pot Zone Vancouver 
  • Smoking Crow (Bellingham)
  • T Brothers Bud Lodge (Olympia)
  • The Herbal Gardens (Tacoma) 
  • The Novel Tree Bellevue
  • The Reef Capitol Hill 
  • The Reef Georgetown 
  • Walla Walla Cannabis Co. 

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