The CBG Blend Spotify Playlist Curated by Hannibal Buress

The CBG Blend is a delightful, clear-headed and uplifting oil with a new Spotify™ playlist curated by comedian Hannibal Buress! Learn about the chemistry, minor cannabinoids, and terpenes of this cannabis oil here.

Heylo is excited to share a brand new playlist for one of our most-popular cannabis oils available. The CBG Blend is a favorite of comedian Hannibal Buress for its uplifting and clear-headed effects. When they Heylo team learned of this, we jumped at the opportunity for Hannibal to curate the strain’s playlist. The work of his curation is now available to all to enjoy on Spotify and the Heylo website.

What is CBG? Cannabigerol is a cannabinoid that is a precursor to THC and CBD. This cannabinoid holds huge potential for treating a wide variety of maladies and producing feelings of well-being.

the cbg blend playlist by hannibal buress
The CBG Blend Playlist on Spotify

terpenes and cannabinoids in the cbg blend

Why The CBG Blend is such a delight

The CBG Blend was created to mimic the unique chemistry of one of Heylo’s popular products that had been retired, Where’s My Bike?. When Heylo could no longer source high-quality, pesticide-free flower with the same rich chemistry as our original Where’s My Bike?, we created a blend to mirror the chemistry of this delightful oil. The results were fantastic.

This high CBG oil is described as “social and terrifically positive” and “calm, clear, focused, and fun”. For people who endure paranoia with relatively high levels of THC, a decent amount of CBG could help prevent this experience. People describe The CBG Blend as the perfect companion for a night out with friends, cooking a meal, socializing in groups, or playing games with family.

Hannibal talks CBG on the Heylo Instagram

The Heylo team was surprised and delighted to see Hannibal chime in with his thoughts on CBG via the Heylo Instagram in early May 2019.

"the cbg blend is life-changing" said Hannibal Buress
"CBG is life changing" - Hannibal Buress

What terpenes are in The CBG Blend?

The CBG Blend has a highly-unique low-myrcene terpene profile. The top 3 terpenes in this oil are caryophyllene, humulene and limonene. Together these terpenes are known for their anti-inflammatory, anti-pain and antidepressant qualities. While we have a lot to learn about the effects of terpenes in cannabis, we understand they play an important role in the Entourage Effect.

the cbg blend analytical information
The terpene profile of The CBG Blend, provided by Confidence Analytics

We also know a lot more about terpenes than we do cannabinoids since they are found in the plants and fruits that surround us every day! To learn more about terpenes, explore this article by Heylo - What Are Terpenes? Why Do They Matter?

Listen to The CBG Blend by Hannibal Buress

To understand this strain on a deeper level before or while you are trying it, vibe out to the hand-curated playlist by comedian Hannibal Buress.

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