The CBG Blend is a Back with Even Higher CBG

The CBG Blend was Heylo's most popular product of 2019. It returns to shelves in 2020 with a revamped formula and the highest level of CBG yet.

The CBG Blend, Heylo’s high-CBG full-spectrum cannabis oil (for 510-thread and PAX vapes) sold out since October 2019, is finally re-launching on retail shelves in Washington State. 

The new blend has incredible chemistry, boasting 16% CBG (cannabigerol) with a 3:1 ratio of THC to CBG. The oil has over 8% terpenes, contributing to a balanced, slightly citrusy aroma.  

CBG is an exciting cannabinoid for its medicinal and recreational effects. Heylo wrote about the importance of CBG and the way it contributes to the feeling of being “high” in a blog published in January 2020. 

The History of The CBG Blend

The CBG Blend now has a storied history with Heylo - originating from a strain called “Where’s My Bike?” in 2018, it has been through multiple iterations as we’ve honed in various formulations of pure cannabis oil to produce the intended effects.

You may be curious, what are those effects?

What Are the Effects of The CBG Blend?

How does it feel when consuming The CBG Blend in a 510 or PAX vape? Well, the short answer is that it feels very good and uplifting, albeit a little bit different for everyone. That’s because every human has a unique Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and will process the unique chemistry of this oil in a novel way.

Most people reliably experience a sense of ease and relief with CBG. Many users seek CBG for the way it interacts with THC, reducing the likelihood of paranoia or anxiety in many users. Whatever the reason, many people turn to The CBG Blend for a unique, uplifting experience not typically found in a vape.

Let's Explore the Chemistry Inside

Every Heylo vape gets tested for cannabinoids, terpenes and pesticides by the same trusted third party lab in Washington State. Our current partner is Confidence Analytics of Redmond, Washington.

Cannabinoid Profile of The CBG Blend

the cbg blend profile
Cannabinoid profile of The CBG Blend

Terpene Profile of The CBG Blend

The 2020 version of The CBG Blend features over 1% Bisabolol, a terpene known for its anti-inflammatory effects. The high level of limonene also contribute to uplifting and anti-depressant effects.

Terpenes in The CBG Blend

What Are the Medicinal Applications of CBG?

CBG is now widely cited in peer-reviewed academic literature for a wide variety of medicinal applications. You can review references for each stated effect on this blog

  • Anti-depressant
  • Anti-anxiety 
  • Treating prostate cancer
  • Anti-inflammatory 
  • Bone healing 
  • Treating colitis 
  • Anti-pain
  • Treating IBS (inflammatory bowel disease)
  • Treating Huntington’s disease (nerve cell degeneration in the brain)
  • Inhibiting cancer cell growth 
  • Anti-bacterial 
  • Treating glaucoma 
  • Treating psoriasis

Where Can I Buy The CBG Blend?

In Washington State, any retailer carrying Heylo products is eligible to order and stock The CBG Blend on their retail shelves.

And a Playlist by Hannibal Buress?! Yup.

Actor and comedian Hannibal Buress took a liking to The CBG Blend during a 2019 visit to Seattle. He channeled this enthusiasm into a playlist for the oil, available on Spotify. Listen to The CBG Blend here!

Spotify playlist by Hannibal Buress
Listen to The CBG Blend on Spotify with a playlist by Hannibal Buress

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