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The Cannastamp is the Future of Cannabis Packaging

The Cannastamp is the Future of Cannabis Packaging

June 5, 2018
The Cannastamp™ is a visual representation of terpene information in cannabis, now available on Heylo PAX Pods in Washington State. The Cannastamp allows you to quickly and easily understand the chemistry of cannabis vapes, flower and more.

The Cannastamp is an attractive and accessible way to visually display terpene and cannabinoid information.

Unlike our food, cannabis products lack a “nutrition facts” - a way to understand what is in a cannabis product (beyond THC and CBD) and the effects it may elicit (beyond “happy” or “sleepy”). Yet cannabis consumption affects the human body in a far more profound and variable way than what we experience through typical food. All 7 billion people on Earth (and all vertebrate species!) have a unique endocannabinoid system (ECS). Each ECS processes the compounds of cannabis (cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, etc.) in different ways, at different rates.

Labeling a product as “energetic” or “relaxing” is an insufficient method for conveying product effects. Different people will respond in a different ways to the same product.

Solving the Challenge of Cannabis’ Complex Chemistry

It may go without saying that solving the challenge of how consumers can anticipate the effects of products like vape cartridges is critically important to cannabis and plant medicine. For some, choosing between two products on the shelf can mean the difference between a fun night out or an evening of social paranoia. For many others, these products are medicine.  

Creating a “nutrition facts” for consumers, both medical and recreational, is inevitable for cannabis. The Cannastamp™ by Cannabinder is an attractive and accessible way to visually displaying terpene and cannabinoid information. At Heylo, we believe this is the future for reading a cannabis product, which is why we are proud to be the first company in the U.S. recreational cannabis markets to launch the Cannastamp.

The Cannabinder App, which is available online, allows consumers to view, save and compare various cannabis products across the recreational and medicinal markets.

Heylo Launches the Cannastamp on PAX ERA Pods

pax era pods with high terpenes
Two of Heylo's PAX ERA Pods with the Cannastamp displayed on the side of the box. A guide inside the box helps consumers understand which terpene aligns with each color, and how to use the Cannabinder App.

As of May 2018, the Cannastamp can now be found on all Heylo PAX Pods in Washington State. On the right side of the label you will find the stamp (as well as on the Cannabinder website). Inside the box you will find a guide assigning each color of the Cannastamp with a terpene. It has never been easier to quickly and visually compare the chemistry of two cannabis products.

Just as Nutrition Facts labels empowered consumers with the knowledge of “what’s in our food?”, the Cannastamp is paving the way for consumers to ask the same of cannabis. The future of cannabis is open, honest and transparent.

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