What's good, PAX® + Heylo?

High-Intensity PAX ERA Pods by Heylo

Delivering 3x the vapor of original PAX Pods, Heylo's PAX Pods are filled with Washington State's cleanest, best-tasting pure RawX cannais oil, rich in rare-cannabinoids and native terpenes.


Hail Mary Jane named Heylo pods one of the top 5 PAX ERA Pods in the country.

Education + Transparency

Every Heylo vape, including our PAX Pods, includes the top 5 cannabinoids and the top 3 terpenes on the box. In addition, we feature a visual terpene graph known as The Cannastamp. The Cannastamp is a way to visually convey terpene and cannabinoid information to buyers in a simple and thorough way. Every Heylo PAX Pod features the Cannastamp™ and is searchable through the Cannabinder App and Website.

Strains Available in Heylo PAX™ ERA Pods

Where to Find Heylo PAX™ ERA Pods

Currently only available in Washington State i502 cannabis retail stores.

Heylo + PAX

Premium Cannabis Oil.
Premium Technology.

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