PAX ERA High-Intensity Pods with Heylo Cannabis Oil

Heylo is proud to announce we are supplying PAX ERA High-Intensity Pods throughout Washington State. What makes Heylo Pods and cannabis oil different?

Heylo is proud to announce we are supplying PAX ERA High-Intensity Pods throughout Washington State. Heylo is thrilled to deliver a premium oil in a premium technology. PAX is committed to promoting cannabis as a force for good, which aligns with Heylo's values of education and transparency in cannabis.

A PAX Pod (Seattle Summer) and PAX ERA device
[Photo by Jobe Layton]

What's the deal with the PAX ERA and PAX Pods?

The PAX ERA is the most-advanced portable oil vaporizer in the world. The device is sleek, Bluetooth™-enabled and allows the user to control the temperature of vaporization down to the degree. The PAX ERA app has a tremendous number of features, from locking the device, to playing party games. As the device evolves through firmware updates so will the PAX App.

The Pods that click into the ERA have a 2mm double-ended silica wick, as well as a nichrome heater. Together these elements create an inhalation that, from personal experience, causes less imitation on the lungs. This, along with temperature control to the degree (read more on this below) the PAX ERA has revolutionized portable vaping, making it easier to microdose, macrodose, or anything in-between, anywhere.

The device is charged via micro-USB in less than 45-minutes, which lasts me up to 3 weeks with daily use. The PAX Era is made to last, with high-quality materials and the security of a 1-Year limited warranty. The Pods have a failure rate of less than .1%, setting them far above all other cartridges on the market for reliability.

Why Temperature Control is Crucial to the Taste and Health of Your Cannabis Oil

So, now you have the power to control the temperature of your vape to the degree. Why does this matter? Vaping at higher-than-necessary temperatures degrades compounds in cannabis, like terpenes, which can turn into harmful chemicals. Vaping at high-temperatures negates one of the main benefits of vaping - preservation of health.

Terpenes are some of the lightest, most-volatile compounds in cannabis. Unfortunately, this means they can also degrade into harmful compounds like benzene, a carcinogen.

Alas, this fate can be avoided by vaping at proper temperatures!

"Aside from the strain you’re vaping, the chemical structure of your vapor, which is (in part) formed by your temperature, will decide the pharmacological effects, potency and taste of your vapor." - Herbonaut (2018)

The temperature on the device can be set either through the app or by shaking the device without ever touching the app.

Setting the device via the app is a breeze - just scroll and set to the degree!

To set the device by shaking, follow these for steps: 

  1. Shake - give the PAX ERA a few good shakes
  2. Pop - take the pod out of the device
  3. Cycle - watch the device cycle from temperature level 1 to temperature level 4
  4. Drop - put the pod into the device at the desired setting

It's high time for someone to make a music video - Shake, Pop, Cycle, Drop™.

So what temperature should I vape my cannabis oil?

The viscosity of Heylo oil generally allows for lower-temperature vaping. A low temperature, such as 475˚F, allows for less-degradation of terpenes and greater taste, while minimizing potential adverse health effects.

For Heylo Cannabis oil, we recommend:

  • 475-500˚ for optimal flavor and health
  • 580˚ for maximal hit

We advise against exceeding 600˚ in the temperature settings. Pure cannabis oil contains light, volatile compounds like terpenes that could be degraded at higher temperatures.

What makes Heylo PAX Pods different?

It's what's inside, and it starts with the highest-quality flower in Washington State. Full-bud, high-terpene, rare-cannabinoid flower that we source from sustainable growers like Washington Bud Company and Cascade Gnome.

Our clean CO2 extraction process has been optimized for creating a whole plant extract, not just THC. We call it the RawX process.

We only fill our PAX Pods with Heylo's proprietary RawX Cannabis Oil. Two high-CBD standouts include our Aliens on Moonshine, with a 2:1 CBD-THC ratio and terpenes as high as 20%, and Harlequin, which was awarded 4 first-place awards at the 2017 Terpestival. Finally, The CBG Blend Pax Pod has gained notoriety for its fun, happy, and relieving effects. See our full list of strains here.

What's more - all Heylo PAX Pods feature the Cannastamp™ - a visual way to represent the top 8 terpenes in the oil. The Cannastamp allows anyone to visually understand the chemical profile a cannabis product without needing to read a cannabis Certificate of Analysis (CoA).

Where to find Heylo PAX ERA Pods

You can find Heylo's PAX Era Pods (MSRP $49) along with the PAX Era Device (MSRP $30) at cannabis retail stores across Washington State.

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