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Introducing BODYHIGH - Elevated Fitness and Wellness

Introducing BODYHIGH - Elevated Fitness and Wellness

August 28, 2020
Introducing BODYHIGH - Elevated Fitness and Wellness virtual sessions by professional trainers and personal fitness gurus with cannabis education.

Cannabis can be a gateway to overall wellness. While Medical Marijuana is now legal in a majority of Americans , many people are still opening up to the idea that the plant can be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle. Pairing cannabis and fitness is an extension of this idea - one that is now helping millions of people worldwide maintain active lifestyles while getting more out of life.

Heylo is proud to announce the introduction of a new virtual series called BODYHIGH, which will incorporate conscious cannabis education with fitness sessions such as guided stretching, core strength, and yoga.

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BODYHIGH will be led by professional trainers and personal fitness instructors who each hold a tight relationship to cannabis. The Heylo Team will offer education and resources with each session to help attendees learn how to incorporate cannabis into active lifestyles.

The series begins Thursday, September 3 at 5:30pm PT.

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Introductory BODYHIGH Series

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