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Heylo Releases Workout Customized for Energizing “Spring Equinox” Strain

Heylo Releases Workout Customized for Energizing “Spring Equinox” Strain

March 30, 2020
It's time to get up and get moving! Spring Equinox has its very own curated workout by fitness goddess Felicia Tyson from CANNASWET.

With the rise of conscious cannabis use, indubitably people have found ways to pair their favorite activities with their favorite strains. Here at Heylo, we have embraced stacking activities with cannabis through our strain playlists and events like Heylo Sessions. We believe cannabis can be intentionally used to enhance so much in life. 

The Unique Chemistry and History of Spring Equinox

The unique chemistry of Spring Equinox stands out for its potential to offer novel experiences for consumers. The flower, which is genetically Blue Sugar Cookies (Blueberry x Sugar Cookies), was grown outdoors by our partner High Five Farms. The name was changed to Spring Equinox to more accurately reflect the experience of the oil - reminiscent of a warm, spring breeze. What is so special about the chemistry of this strain, in particular, is that it is over 3% THCV. THCV is known for its motivating, energizing and stress-relieving properties and our tests have shown that Spring Equinox is a fantastic workout companion! 

A Custom Workout with Felicia Tyson of CANNASWET

To add to the excitement of this strain launch and the impending spring season, we have partnered with an incredibly inspiring person and fitness expert, Felicia Tyson, the creator of CANNASWET.Felicia has designed a workout to be paired with consumption of Spring Equinox. Felicia is known in Seattle and Portland for her Fit and Lit classes and has been pairing fitness with cannabis to create amazing and effective workouts that challenge the mind and body. What better way to enhance the already amazing experience of Spring Equinox than to have a tailored workout to match?

CANNASWET has been a long-time dream of Felicia’s. Her fitness passion was born from her taking boot camp classes and falling in love with the community around self-improvement. 8 years ago Felicia was hit by a car and prescribed a bunch of different medications, which wasn’t something that resonated with her. She was introduced to cannabis by her brother to mitigate the pain and the results were life-changing. In this process, Felicia also discovered that cannabis and fitness pair amazingly together ¨I could actually focus on my abs!¨ 

Along the way, she had the chance to take a cannabis and fitness class in LA and that's when she realized she could pair two of her favorite things and create a community in alignment. Felicia is now a passionate advocate for cannabis and loves to help people improve their lives and make them smile in whatever way she can. Her daughter is even proud of all of her hard work and tells her classmates that her mom is helping people to be better! 

When we asked Felicia to recount her experience with Spring Equinox and she echoed the same sentiments our initial test group established: ¨The vapor was smooth and light and super motivating - not only before my workouts but it also helped me get my projects done. Unexpectedly, Spring Equinox showed me how I had lost some of my drive after a recent injury, which was a first for me as I don't usually expect cannabis to do that. However, Spring Equinox was able to reignite that inspired fire, and help me push harder in workouts and get back on track.¨ 

“Spring Equinox was able to reignite that inspired fire, and help me push harder in workouts and get back on track.¨ - Felicia "FitByeFelicia" Tyson

The Spring Equinox Workout

Felicia designed a HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training - workout to help you to get toned, inspired and motivated for Spring! 

Below you will find the workout and a video we put together with Felicia that demonstrates the moves! 



45 seconds for each exercise with 15 seconds rest in between. Repeat 4 rounds

  • High Knees
  • Lateral Squats
  • Pulse Squats
  • Oblique Crunches (each side)
  • Side Leg Raises (each side)
  • Standing back Leg Raises (each side)
  • Plank Shoulder Taps (each side)
  • Plank Jumps (each side)
To listen to the curated Spotify playlist, click here
To learn more about CANNASWET click here

Authored by

Jahnavi Stackhouse

Jahnavi (also known as Navi Jah) is a Seattle-based multi-dimensional artist. She is known in particular for her rainbow art installation, The Rainbow dOhm, her jewelry line DIVINEYEZ, and dance performance group, MeOwkaba. Jahnavi is also a passionate cannabis advocate and has been in the recreational industry since 2017. She is the Marketing and Creative Fulfillment Lead at Heylo.

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