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Creating Consistent Chemistry: The Story Behind Our Beloved CBG Blend

Creating Consistent Chemistry: The Story Behind Our Beloved CBG Blend

August 3, 2021
CEO Lo Friesen explains how Heylo maintains consistent chemistry and experiences. Plants & science!

The Heylo Community is full of the most curious and conscious cannabis consumers. The type of buyer who wants to know not only what's in a product, but why.

In 2018, Heylo produced a product known as “Where’s My Bike?”. The unique product came from a strain of the same name, and it quickly developed a legion of loyal fans (explore more history here). Heylo received a ton of feedback from customers consistently reporting the uniquely energizing and mood-lifting effects from the product. This was consistent with published research with respect to the effects of cannabigerol, also known as CBG1,2,3. Through anecdotal evidence consistent with white paper conclusions about CBG, The CBG Blend helps consumers get one step closer to finding their happy place.

About the Ratio in The CBG Blend:

The CBG Blend has a near 3:1 THC:CBG ratio. Together, these cannabinoids harmoniously bring a happy blissful high. But the ratio wasn’t always 3:1. “Where’s My Bike?” and the early CBG Blend batches were in the neighborhood of 10:1 THC:CBG, with significantly more THC than CBG. So, Heylo continued to try different blends to experiment with the cannabinoid ratio while maintaining the terpene profile. After many trials, we landed on a 3:1 ratio and The CBG Blend has continued to grow as one of Heylo’s flagship products and best sellers. 

heylo CBG blend cannabis chemistry

Maintaining Consistency in Experience:

We worked closely with our cultivation partners to maintain a consistent supply of our flower blend, but we couldn’t keep up with demand and for a short while. The chemistry became inconsistent. With The CBG Blend being such a special product, we had to find a solution. We were introduced to a farm with incredible values, people, and hemp cultivars. With stable CBG genetics, it was magical to be able to source and incorporate consistent high-quality CBG into our cannabis blend. We exclusively source flower/bud (not trim) for producing The CBG Blend to maintain the extract’s chemistry. We can now confidently commit to a consistent CBG Blend ratio to deliver the same “find your happy place” experience that our community knows and loves. 

Due to popular demand, we will continue expanding our CBG offerings soon! Let us know if you’d like more CBG products here. Learn more about our hemp partner, East Fork Cultivars.

hemp flower oregon east fork cultivars bud
Hemp Flower from East Fork Cultivars

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Authored by

Lo Friesen

Lo is the founder and CEO of Heylo Cannabis. She is an environmental chemist with passions including gastroenterology, golf, and cannabis science.

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