Mahogany Gold

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Ancient Mahogany Gold is such an amazing upbeat album and the strain had to embody the same vibe wholeheartedly. The oil is a natural glistening color with an ample amount of diverse cannabinoids with a smooth clean taste to it. This partnership has been a collaboration of passion and appreciation for the art of what conscious consumption truly looks like.
- Alfa Lashay

The Album. The oil. The Experience.

Ancient Mahogany Gold is the third full-length album by singer, songwriter and producer SassyBlack, released to the world on September 13, 2019.

Heylo believes art and cannabis are a match made in heaven. They work together to create experiences that enhance life and provide meaning. It's why we curate a Spotify playlist for every strain, why we started Heylo Sessions, and why we are partnering with SassyBlack to deliver Ancient Mahogany Gold.

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Any store that carries Heylo Cannabis products is eligible to carry Ancient Mahogany Gold, while supplies last. For a full-list of stores that carry Heylo, visit our Stores page.

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