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You Have a Right to Know About the Cannabis You Vaporize

You Have a Right to Know About the Cannabis You Vaporize

June 1, 2017
How can we provide transparency in a cloudy industry? Here's our plan.

At Heylo Cannabis Extracts we have a simple goal. To create lush, honest and pure cannabis extracts while providing as much information as possible to consumers.

How can we provide transparency in a cloudy industry?

It starts with education. We aim to provide as much information as possible to budtenders in retail stores, and directly to consumers. 

The First Step: Read the Package

You have a right to know about more than just the THC and CBD ratio. We provide the terpene profile of the most common terpenes in each strain directly on each box. 

Timeout - what are terpenes?
  • Terpenes are light, volatile compounds found in the essential oils of all plants. With respect to cannabis, terpenes have a tremendous effect on the body and mind. Terpenes can make the difference between a bright, positive, energetic high and a relaxing, soft and comforting experience. Dr. Ethan Russo has extensively studied the therapeutic effects of terpenes in conjunction with THC. For those familiar with the "entourage effect" of marijuana the results do not come as a surprise.
  • In short, not asking about the terpenes in a vape oil is a bit like ignoring the type of wine you're drinking (red, white, cabernet, sparkling...?) Except in this case you're not only ignoring the flavor but also the potential medicinal benefit the cannabis might provide.
  • Learn more about terpenes here. And discover the flavors and effects of various terpenes here

We believe it should be an industry standard to provide naturally occurring terpene profiles to consumers. Let's hope it catches on!

Next: Analytical Results at Your Fingertips

There's only so much we can fit directly on a cannabis extract box while keeping the content legible. Therefore, we offer the full third-party analytical results from every strain on the shelves on our website. You can access the entire terpene profile, the THC, THCA, CBD, CBD, CBN ratios and all microbial tests - even those not required by Washington State.

We encourage all users to check out the analytical results and to ask us questions if assistance is required to process the information. Again, it is your right to know.

It doesn't end with Analytics - think experience!

While analytic results are crucial, they don't tell the entire story of what an extract

Timeout - why isn't "sativa" or "indica" on your box?

This has to be the subject of a larger post - and it will. The TL;DR is easy - sativa v. indica is meaningless. Every strain has aspects of both “species” - and in terms of effects, it is far more useful to consider the THC/CBD and terpene profile of the product.There are “indicas" that will give you energy. There are “sativas” that will put you to sleep. Jack’s Girl is a great example. It’s an “indica” that is incredibly bright, social and energizing. It’s great for a party - not for bedtime. 

Finally - engage the budtender!

Budtenders are at the frontlines of cannabis information and guidance. They are the gatekeepers of the right experience for you.

We only work with i502 retail stores that take the time to train their budtenders on our products in order to provide buyers with the facts necessary for an informed purchase. We hope you have the opportunity to experience such an interaction soon - find out where Heylo Cannabis Extracts can be purchased here.

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