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Why Cannabis Hand Sanitizer Actually Makes Sense

Why Cannabis Hand Sanitizer Actually Makes Sense

March 19, 2020
Heylo introduced a cannabis-infused hand sanitizer - here's why that makes sense for human health, and is actually environmentally responsible.

Cannabis-infused hand sanitizer? Are you for real?

In March 2020, amid the global outbreak of COVID-19, Heylo introduced HIGHgiene to the world through cannabis retailers in Washington State. This cannabis-infused hand sanitizer contains over 100mg of cannabinoids, dozens of terpenes, a 2:1 ratio of THC to CBD and an organic alcohol and aloe base.

If you're generally skeptical like the Heylo Team, your first inclination may be to dismiss such a product as capitalizing on a trend. Before you do so, consider the science behind why a hand sanitizer infused with cannabis actually makes sense for human health.

The science behind cannabis hand sanitizer 

highiene cannabis hand sanitizer topical
The HIGHgiene Cannabis Hand Sanitizer Label

Sometimes when you combine two good things you get an undesirable result. Orange juice and brushing your teeth, for instance. No, thank you!

But there are also instances when combining two things yields a sum that is greater than the parts. This is the idea behind synergy - that the combined force of two functions is even greater as a single force. This concept holds true for cannabis’ Entourage Effect, and it may also be the driving force behind the benefits of cannabis-infused hand sanitizer. 

Antiviral topical promise of terpenes in cannabis

Terpenes are aromatic compounds that affect not only the aroma but also the experience and medicinal potential of cannabis. Two common terpenes in cannabis, limonene and beta-pinene, have been studied for antiviral activity against herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) in vitro

So what’s in HIGHgiene? How does it sanitize?

The base of HIGHgiene is similar to the hand sanitizer you would find at your neighborhood store - a minimum of 65% organic ethanol with aloe - to disinfect and provide healing relief to the hands. What makes HIGHgiene different is the introduction of cannabinoids and terpenes from cannabis. 

Per 2 fluid ounce bottle:

  • Minimum 65% ethanol 
  • Minimum 100mg of cannabinoids 
  • 30+ full-spectrum terpenes, including beta-pinene and limonene
  • 2:1 ratio of THC to CBD

The sustainable nature of HIGHgiene

HIGHgiene doesn’t just hold the protective potential from a broad spectrum of cannabis compounds - it is also produced in a manner that is environmentally-friendly and sustainable. Heylo has operated a zero-waste cannabis lab in SODO, Washington since we launched in 2017. During our RawX process, fractions of cannabis oil undergo a wax-removal process which includes winterization, filtration, and distillation. Organic ethanol that is reclaimed during the filtration process is typically re-used in our facility to clean surfaces and maintain a hygienic environment. We now use this ethanol as part of the base in HIGHgiene. It’s a win-win-win for consumers, for Heylo, and for the Earth.

Near-zero margin for increased accessibility

While Heylo is proud to introduce HIGHgiene to the world, we aren’t creating a new product line for the quick buck. There is a global shortage of hand sanitizer in the world and it doesn’t sit right with us to cash in on a global crisis where we have the means to help deliver safety.

Unfortunately, our options are limited by rules enforced by the Liquor and Cannabis Board of Washington State. Heylo is prohibited by law to sell any products below the cost of production. In addition, retailers are required to impose a 47% tax on the sale of all cannabis products. Despite these challenges, the cannabis hand sanitizer will be sold on the market for less than $9 - reflecting near-zero margins for Heylo. Some retail partners will take similar steps reducing their margins on sales of this product to allow for greater accessibility. We are grateful to these partners. 

Where can I find and buy HIGHgiene?

HIGHgiene will be made available in Heylo’s premiere partner cannabis retailers beginning March 20, 2020. A list of those partners will be made available below:

  • The Novel Tree Medical (Bellevue)
  • The Novel Tree Recreational (Bellevue)
  • The Reef (Capitol Hill, Seattle)
  • Canna West (West Seattle, Seattle)
  • Ganja Goddess (SODO, Seattle)
  • LUX (Ballard)
  • LUX (Fremont)
  • LUX (Lake City)
  • Have a Heart (Belltown)

Authored by

Daniel Luebke

Daniel is the Director of Marketing and Brand at Heylo Cannabis. He likes exercising both hemispheres of his brain in environments that require analytical and creative thinking. Daniel studied economics at Northwestern University before working for a fast-growing Silicon Valley company as the first marketing hire. His transition to the cannabis industry came when his partner, Lo, dove head first into launching Heylo in 2017.

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