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Where Can I Buy Heylo Cannabis? Where is Heylo Sold Online?

Where Can I Buy Heylo Cannabis? Where is Heylo Sold Online?

April 17, 2019
Each day Heylo receives a number of inquiries from around the United States and world regarding buying our products either online or finding the nearest retail location with Heylo products. We’ve broken down the answers to the most common buying, shipping, and legal questions below.

Real quick –where can I buy Heylo?

The short answer as of Spring 2019 - you can only buy Heylo Cannabis products in Washington State. Within Washington State you can reserve Heylo products online using services like Leafly and iHeartJane, but they cannot be shipped/delivered to your door per Washington State regulations.

Find a map of stores selling Heylo here
Buy Heylo CBD-only products online

map of stores selling heylo cannabis
Map of stores in Washington State carrying Heylo products

What about CBD-only and other hemp products?

Heylo has a line of CBD topicals from hemp available for shipping across the United States and Canada. You can explore Heylo Hemp's CBD Lube and CBD massage oil from the Heylo Web Store.

Where can I find Heylo in California? Oregon? Canada? Outside of Washington? Outside of the United States?

At the present time there can be zero interstate or international commerce of cannabis within or from the United States. That means you will not find Heylo on shelves in any given market until Heylo operates in that specific market, so long as current regulatory framework is in place.

In the United States cannabis remains a Schedule I Controlled Substance by the Food and Drug Administration. Status as a Schedule I Drug prohibits any recognition of medicinal use. Since the adoption of state medical and recreational cannabis laws, the U.S. Federal Government has adopted a stance allowing states to control their own markets of cannabis so long as they do not infiltrate other markets. This allows the Washington State cannabis market, along with 10 other recreational markets and 33 medicinal markets in the United States to exist in 2019.  

Is Heylo expanding outside of Washington? When can I find your products in other states? 

Heylo has yet to announce any plans to expand outside of Washington State. Our immediate goal is to deliver the highest quality cannabis products that enable better life experiences. We are proud of what we’ve achieved in Washington, including being named Best Overall Company and Best CBD Product by Leafly, but do not plan to rest here. We aim to one day bring share our unique process, vision, and mission with as many people as possible.  

On behalf of the Heylo Team, thank you for following our journey and supporting the conscious cannabis movement.

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