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We *Highly* Recommend Cooking with Cannabis -- Just Preheat to 420!

We *Highly* Recommend Cooking with Cannabis -- Just Preheat to 420!

July 23, 2021
Heylo helps you get more out of your cooking (and eating!) experiences. Dive into it with new Heylo Aprons and vapes.

Heylo exists to help anyone get more out of life. We love using cannabis to get more out of our everyday activities. For those who sometimes feel uninventive with cooking, we recommend bringing cannabis into your kitchen with you!

Cooking and cannabis are great together for many reasons. Both are used to de-stress or as a creative outlet for many. We have paired each of our cultivar profiles with specific activities and a time of day. This encourages the idea of using cannabis to get the most out of each part of your day. We recommend pairing your dinner plans with the CBG Blend and Headband.

Scientists have proven that cannabis consumption can increase appetite, creativity, and relaxation. We find that these elements of using cannabis, whether you are alone or with loved ones, improve the overall experience of cooking. That being said, cooking can be dangerous and involves knives and burning hot surfaces, so we would recommend this for seasoned users or low dosing. But, with the right practice and mindset, this combo is killer! 

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First Look: New Heylo Elevated Aprons

We design our products to help others get more out of life--all parts of life! We designed The Elevated Apron, equipped with its own PAX pouch, to encourage our users to use PAX vapes and Heylo products while cooking. The apron just helps you look great and stay clean while doing it! Made of soft grey denim and embroidered with our logo, this apron fits most and has an adjustable neck strap. The Heylo Apron and one of our vapes will truly elevate your dinner plans. Find your perfect pair .

We love to see you using and wearing our products--tag us in your posts! 

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Level-up your chef swag

Where Can I Get One?

Heylo Create sells all of our merchandise through our online store. Find The Elevated Apron and other favorites like the Dad Hats, Heylo Crewnecks, and PAX Pack on the Heylo Create Store.

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Grace Gottesman

Grace is a student at Tulane University in New Orleans where she studies Marketing and Studio Art. In addition to enjoying her position as a Marketing Intern for Heylo, she also enjoys creating art, traveling, cooking, and golfing.

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