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Heylo Topicals Adopt New Names: Heylotion Budder and Heylotion Balm

Heylo Topicals Adopt New Names: Heylotion Budder and Heylotion Balm

October 29, 2019
Heylo introduces the Heylotion line of cannabis topicals, including Heylotion Body Budder and Heylotion Body Balm

SEATTLE, WA - October 29, 2019 - Heylo is best-known for cannabis vape cartridges that help people get more out of life. Since Heylo was born in 2017, however, the company has also produced two topical products that have helped thousands of people and have developed a loyal following. These products were known as “Heylotion” and “Heylo Comotion Balm” and have helped thousands of people in the fight against pain, a variety of skin issues, soreness, and more.

Heylo has experienced intense demand to grow our cannabis topicals business with new products and reaching new markets. To satisfy this demand, we have decided to streamline the naming conventions of our products to make them easier to find and order in stores.

Heylotion Budder and Heylotion Balm
The Heylotion Topical Family: Heylotion Body Budder and Heylotion Body Balm

Introducing the Heylotion Product Family

Heylotion is now not a single product, but our entire brand of cannabis topicals.

Heylotion Body Budder cannabis topical with thc and cbd
Heylotion Body Budder

Who Uses Heylotion Products?

Well, they can benefit just about anyone. These non-psychoactive topicals are used on a variety of intense skin issues (eczema, psoriasis), pain (chronic or from arthritis), inflammation and soreness (from exercise or physical labor) and much more. Utilizing full-spectrum, pesticide-free cannabis oil from bud, not trim, is the secret to the power packed inside every Heylotion product. (Learn about the Heylo RawX process here).

Heylotion products will not get you “high” and will not show up on a blood test.

Heylotion Body Balm cannabis topical with thc and cbd
Heylotion Body Balm

Where Can I Buy Heylotion Budder and Heylotion Balm?

Heylotion products contain THC, making them subject to strict Federal regulations under current U.S. Law (2019). Heylotion products are currently only available in Washington State in retail shops that carry Heylo products. If you live outside of Washington State you can explore Heylo Hemp’s line of CBD products which are available to be shipped across the United States. 

Heylo Hemp - a non-THC arm of Heylo Create, has a CBD Lube that is available online and can be shipped throughout the U.S.

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