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The 5 Most Popular Heylo Swag Items

The 5 Most Popular Heylo Swag Items

January 31, 2022
Breaking down the top 5 Heylo swag items by various measures of popularity, and why we think these items are successful.

What makes a swag item popular? What makes a branded piece of “merch” worthy of not throwing away, or - better yet - worth paying for? In an era where free stuff with logos can be found in abundance, which swag items rank highest in terms of popularity and sustainability? Heylo’s got the list. 

Here we’ll break down the five most-popular Heylo Swag items by sales, with a description of why we think it has performed so well. Our hope is that this blog can either inspire you to pick up some of your own Heylo merch or, if you’re in the industry, steer your own brand toward developing the type of swag that doesn’t end up in landfills

1. The Heylo® DabCap (Vape Amplifier)

Almost immediately after its introduction the Heylo DabCap became our number one selling swag item. The reason is simple - it serves an important purpose. The Heylo DabCap turns any water pipe, dab rig or bong into a vape amplifier. You just place your vape into the DabCap, pull a hit, and voila, you’re amplifying your vape. It’s easy, fun, and effective - and it’s no wonder it’s the most-popular swag item we sell on Amazon

The takeaway? Build swag with a purpose.

2. The Heylo® Vape Case (PAX® Pack)

Keeping with the theme of usefulness, the Heylo Vape Case (aka the “PAX Pack”) ranks right near the top alongside the DabCap. The idea is simple - never lose your precious vape pens or cartridges/pods by keeping them in a sleek and simple carrying case. Users are the hit of every party when they break one of these bad babies out. For those who don’t make it out very often, the vape case serves its purpose by helping you stay organized with your collection. 

The takeaway? We all need a more organized life. 

3. The Heylo® Sticker

This one may come as a surprise, but it is the oldest and most requested swag item from Heylo all-time. The Heylo sticker is also the lowest-priced swag item we offer at $1 a pop. The popularity of the sticker likely stems from the design of our logo, which represents the giving, angelic nature of Mother Earth. They Heylo team loves seeing our stickers on water bottles, being used as laptop stickers​, and on cars.

The takeaway? Simple, affordable and beautiful never go out of style. 

4. The Special Pin (with free Loud CBD Lube)

Heylo can’t sell our Loud CBD Lube online due to credit card processors’ restrictions. But we can, and do, sell a very special pin which comes with its own free bottle of Loud. And it sells, and makes a lot of people very happy. It helps that Loud got a reputation for being a sensational lubricant before it became restricted. Nonetheless, it’s our fourth most-popular product. The pin looks good too! 

The takeaway? Sometimes it takes a little creativity to give the people what they want.

5. The Heylo Cannabis Elevated Apron

cannabis apron

The Heylo® Elevated Apron is one of the newest swag items in our lineup, and also one of the fastest to break into our Top 5. It helps that cannabis and cooking go together like a flame to a doobie. With hand-embroidered text “Preheat to 420°” and a pocket that can hold any number of vapes, joints, or flower, this apron doesn’t just look good, it serves a purpose. 

The takeaway? When there’s a symbiotic pair like cooking and cannabis, lean in to the natural connection. 

BONUS ITEM: Heylo’s cannabis coloring sheets. Not technically a swag item, per se, but free, fun and available to all at home.  

What items would you like to see in the Heylo store? Feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you’d like to see us expand into. Fridge magnets? Cannabis organizers? Waffle makers? 

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