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Terpene FAQ: The Most Common Questions on Terpenes and Cannabis

Terpene FAQ: The Most Common Questions on Terpenes and Cannabis

December 14, 2017
The most common questions on terpenes and cannabis terpenes from the Heylo team. Terpenes affect the taste and experience of cannabis while enabling the entourage effect.

We recently published a blog on "What are Terpenes and Why Do They Matter". To follow-up on this piece, we decided to publish the most-common questions the Heylo team hears with respect to terpenes. If you have additional questions on terpenes or terpenes in cannabis please comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cannabis and Terpenes

Where have I seen terpenes before?

When you step into the woods of an evergreen forest you are surrounded by pine trees - and alpha-pinene - a terpene that predominates pine needles. Resin from a pine tree is mostly composed of terpenes. It protects the tree and helps it heal from any wounds.

Why are terpenes in cannabis?

Cannabis, like many plants, first developed terpenes as a way of telling herbivores to stay away and attracting helpful predators and pollinators. We humans have bred cannabis to have exceptionally high levels of terpenes. At some point, breeders noticed that cannabis that smells good also makes us feel good.

Do different terpenes have different effects? 

Absolutely. The difference between the effects of an "Indica" versus a "Sativa" is mainly in the terpene profile of the plant.

Energizing/Uplifting Terpenes

Sedating/Relaxing Terpenes

Does it matter where terpenes come from?

It's unclear. There hasn't been enough research to determine how the effects of terpenes differ depending on source. In Heylo products you will only find native-derived terpenes. That means the terpenes in our oil come from the same cannabis as the cannabinoids (THC, CBD, etc.) and all of the other parts of the plant.

Does temperature affect terpenes?

Absolutely! Terpenes are light and volatile. The temperature at which you vape or smoke terpenes affects the efficacy and potential harm that terpenes could cause. In 2017 a study was published by Portland State University detailing toxicant formation from dabbing terpenes at high temperatures. They found harmful toxicants such as benzene were formed at the highest temperature ranges of dabbing. Whether dabbing or using a vape cartridge we strongly recommend you use the lowest voltage/temperature possible to produce vapor. It will taste better and preserve medical benefits.

Are there potential dangers with vaping terpenes?

This topic requires further research, but is best to be cautious. The main potential danger with terpenes comes from the compounds they can form at extremely high temperatures. Therefore it is best to vape at lower temperatures to preserve flavor, medical benefits and overall effects.

How do I know what terpenes are in my cannabis?

Hopefully you'll find them right on the box or on the company's website. At Heylo you can find all of our strain's analytical results here and the top 3 terpenes of every strain on the box.

More questions? Ask us below!

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