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Pot Moms Podcast Features Lo from Heylo on Two Episodes

Pot Moms Podcast Features Lo from Heylo on Two Episodes

March 3, 2020
Heylo Founder and CEO joined the Pot Moms Podcast for two recent episodes on the fast-growing series.

"Lo Getting Louder" and "Talking S.H.I.T" were two separate episodes published in the first part of 2020 featuring Lo. The episodes cover wide-ranging topics related to cannabis science, sexual health and wellness, products, trends, and more.

Lo Getting Louder

Lo and the Pot Moms explore the world of THC-infused lube thanks to Heylo's newest product, Louder. They cover how it can be used to heighten experiences in bed and why it works.

Talking S.H.I.T. with Lo

Shit is about to get real! Sativa, Hybrid, Indica, Terpenes, that is. Lo shares the history of the sativa and indica plants and how those names are actually more aligned with the way the plant grows, rather than how it feels. Enter terpenes, which not only contribute to the aroma but also the experience you get from cannabis.
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More about the Pot Moms Podcast

The Pot Moms Podcast explores the life of women (and men) who consciously consume cannabis while raising well-adjusted children. It's fun, educational, and practical - and a lot healthier than an entire bottle of wine.

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