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Mandatory Pesticide Testing for Cannabis is Coming, What it Means For You 

Mandatory Pesticide Testing for Cannabis is Coming, What it Means For You 

April 4, 2022
New rules regarding the use of pesticides in cannabis are finally coming to Washington State. Here's what they mean for the weed and vapes sold in retail stores.

In March 2022, the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) adopted a new set of rules with the aim of requiring mandatory pesticide testing of all cannabis products. The new rules mark a positive milestone in the movement toward access to safe cannabis products that not only feel good, but support overall wellness. The new rules go into effect in April 2022, with full implementation by September.

Why Pesticides in Cannabis Matter

Back in 2017 we first wrote about why pesticides matter in cannabis, and why any consumer of cannabis should be aware of their presence and potential impact on the body and health.

We also covered the topic in our higherED Cannabis Education series, available on YouTube:


The short of the matter is:

Your lungs interact directly with your bloodstream. If you vape or smoke cannabis with pesticides, you are exposing your lungs and brain to potentially harmful compounds.


.The capillaries in your lungs offer limited filtering of potential toxins from what you put in your lungs to your bloodstream.

Heylo’s History with Cannabis Pesticide Testing

Heylo has proudly pesticide-tested all of our cannabis products for more than 4 years, and has published the results of every product sold on the strains section of our website.

We are members of the Tested with Confidence program through Confidence Analytics, a leader among Washington State cannabis testing labs.You can learn more about how cannabis is tested in labs through this video on cannabis analytics from higherED.    

Positive Changes Coming to Washington State

Starting April 2, 2022, Washington State will require all new cannabis products entering retail shelves to be tested for a long list of pesticides.

Products currently on the shelf will have a grace period of 6 months before they will also be required to adhere to the new state rule.

How to Protect Yourself and Buy Clean Cannabis

The new pesticide rules in Washington are a huge step forward for safe access to clean cannabis. That said, it doesn’t fully ensure the products available on the retail shelf are as safe as they can – and should be.

Sadly, there are methods companies can take to circumvent the rules, potentially using compounds that are not required for testing, or exposing loopholes in the lot requirements to only test “clean” cannabis, while sending “dirty” cannabis to market. Random pesticide testing of products on the shelf is one method for exposing such behavior.

Tips for Buying Clean Cannabis

1. Find brands you can trust

Here are some questions to ask to find a brand you can get behind:

  • Does the brand disclose test results on their website?
  • What was their pesticide-testing protocol before it became required?
  • Are they looking out for the best interest of the consumer?

2. Shop at trusted retail stores

A trusted store has earned a reputation in its respective community for being a resource for finding quality cannabis. It means they have a knowledgeable, responsive team and carry products that represent the values of the plant, not just aesthetics or price.

3. Ask your budtender

If you’re shopping at a trusted retail store, you’ll likely find budtenders who are qualified to speak on the various pest management protocols of different brands on the shelf.

4. Message the grower/processor

Quality cannabis companies are responsive to customer inquiries. Heylo makes it easy – we respond to DM’s on our Instagram, we have a contact form on our website, and we have a direct email for easy access. Ask away on any of these channels, or in the comments on our blog.

Adopting these rules was a big step in the right direction of consumer safety for Washington state’s cannabis industry. We encourage you to use this information to find safe cannabis products to help you get the most out of your life. 

Authored by

Daniel Luebke

Daniel is the Director of Marketing and Brand at Heylo Cannabis. He likes exercising both hemispheres of his brain in environments that require analytical and creative thinking. Daniel studied economics at Northwestern University before working for a fast-growing Silicon Valley company as the first marketing hire. His transition to the cannabis industry came when his partner, Lo, dove head first into launching Heylo in 2017.

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