Introducing Love is Love - A Collaborative Cannabis Project

In celebration of the global queer community, and in support of the local group Playthey, Heylo has teamed up with local partners to raise money and awareness for the mission of love and art.

Heylo Cannabis is honored to announce a collaborative partnership with Playthey Studios of Seattle.

You can read more from the Heylo team and dig deeper into our relationship with this campaign in this blog post by Heylo Angel Dante Fisher.

Playthey is a Seattle based, co-operative company of artists. The group collaborates with other local organizations and collectives to produce a variety of entertaining and educational projects. Playthey is creating an international platform for native and black, disabled and neurodivergent, transgender and gender-nonconforming folks to put forth their art and ideas. They envision their group as an incubator and support system of emerging and established intersectionally marginalized creators.

More about the Playthey Team: The current directors of Playthey consist of three black queer gender-nonconforming folks, two of whom are apparently physically disabled, and one white gender-nonconforming person. They collectively agree that the power of art and representation can shift cultural norms. They strive to normalize the language and actions of disability justice, gender liberation and anti-racism. Using parties, theatrical productions, podcasts and soon YouTube media, Playthey's aim is to multiply marginalized artists (especially artists of color) throughout Seattle and the rest of King County to have an abundance of spaces that validate, center and sustain their work.

Playthey directors and party goers at an activation of Genderfukt

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In honor of the queer community everywhere, and in support of Playthey in Seattle, we are excited to launch a limited-edition product - Love is Love. Heylo, Washington Bud Company and any retailer selling Love is Love will donate a portion of the sale to go towards Playthey’s mission.

Above, the Love is Love cannabis vape by Heylo and Washington Bud Company.

The flower used to craft Love is Love is sourced from Washington Bud Company. This flavorful extract is an infusion of Harlequin, Purple Sour Diesel, & Ripped Bubba. Washington Bud Company grows clean and tasty cannabis that is free of harmful pesticides and heavy metals. Curious about the terpenes and cannabinoids found in Love is Love? See details here.

Join us for a Love is Love launch party at The Reef!

The Love is Love Spotify playlist was curated by one of Playthey’s Artistic Directors & Resident DJ - JOY MA

JOY MA is a Black, femme, interdisciplinary artist and scholar who grew up on the Southside of Chicago with roots in Sunflower, Mississippi. She primarily works through sound, creative writing, and performance. JOY MA is passionate about bridging the arts, community organizing, and education. She is one of the artistic directors for Playthey and a co-founder of the Ghetto Heaven Collective. Her creative focus is manifesting and curating energy of the divine, Black, feminine through text and sounds influenced from African diasporic musical traditions. JOY MA is the recipient of a Fulbright Research Fellowship to study the intersections of sound art, activism, and performance in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the upcoming year. JOY MA is also a DJ who holds dearly to the idea that facilitating joy through music will aid in healing the universe. You can catch her spinning sets across the country filled with Chicago juke, house, funk, and ballroom vogue beats. Learn more about JOY MA on their website.

Here's a taste of Joy Ma's set from the Hashtag 420 Party - Treat your ears!
Listen to the Love is Love Playlist on Spotify.

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May 31 - September 6

EVERY FRIDAY, 5pm - 10pm

at Cal Anderson Park, Powell Barnett & Judkins Park

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