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Louder THC Lube is Enabling Magical Intimacy and Orgasms

Louder THC Lube is Enabling Magical Intimacy and Orgasms

March 12, 2020
Heylo unveils a new THC-infused silicone lube designed to fuel ignited intimacy for sensational sex and orgasms.

Cannabis and sex go together like a sticky-icky glue. What's not sticky, but will take your orgasms to a whole different playing field? THC-infused lube by Heylo - Louder.

Why get Louder?

Because you deserve the best orgasms of your life. Whether you’re enjoying it alone or with a partner, Louder can help get you there. Louder has a pleasurable, silky-not-sticky feel on your hands and everywhere else it goes. It's made with a luscious blend of 5 types of medical-grade silicone.

Above, Louder THC-lube, igniting sexual intimacy for anyone and everyone.

Louder isn't designed to get you high, unless... consider out-of-this-world orgasms a type of intoxication. Louder is non-transdermal, so it won’t enter your bloodstream. The THC, however, will go to work - so get ready for some voodoo magic.

Why THC? How do I use it?

THC promotes vasodilation (increasing blood flow), enhances sensation, and is simultaneously capable of reducing pain1. Together these properties open the door for incredible sex. Simply apply 10-15 minutes before getting it on, maybe engage in some foreplay, then get to work and enjoy.

Where can I buy Louder Lube?

Louder is available at some of the cannabis retailers that carry Heylo Products across the State of Washington. Call ahead

These stores participated in the initial launch of Louder in February 2020:

Louder Initial Release Locations:

What about "Loud"?

Loud is the CBD-only version of this lube, available online from the Heylo Create store for delivery across the United States.

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