What's in a Name? Lemon Garlic Strain Review

Looks - and names - can be deceiving, especially in cannabis. This review explores the effects and overall experience of the Lemon Garlic pure cannabis vape by Heylo.

Cannabis is no stranger to less than appetizing strain names. Those who have been acquainted with Mary Jane for a while can foggily recall bowls and joints filled with the likes of Chernobyl or Agent Orange. But, for the courageous toker, the reward was almost always there. People were hooked. These days, Sour Diesel and Skunk are both some of the most common parents for modern hybrids. And in keeping with this grower’s tradition of underselling their strains (like a mob boss calling his biggest henchman “Tiny”), an increasingly common lineage making its way around the community with another disenchanting name is Garlic. Of course, it was only a matter of time before Heylo would get their hands on arguably one of the best iterations on the market, Lemon Garlic

lemon garlic cannabis vape
Above, the 0.5 gram Lemon Garlic Vape

Perhaps the explanation for this sudden prevalence of Italian-restaurant themed strains is the lack of a definite origin for Garlic. Most point to GMO (short for Garlic, Mushroom, and Onions due to its herbaceous, savory flavor) as the most likely culprit. GMO, also known as Garlic Cookies, is a cross between Chemdawg and Girl Scout Cookies and was possibly the most popular new strain of 2019 so it seems like a pretty solid explanation. But still, other sources suggest that Afghani or True OG may in fact be the ancestors that are attributing to this current slew of strains named after one of our favorite flavoring herbs. With all these questionable leads, it’s no wonder that there isn’t an exact explanation for how this 2:1 THC:CBD hybrid came to grace the i502 shelves. But we sure are grateful for it.  

Procured from Sunnyside Farms in Yakima county, this Lemon Garlic is exceptionally unique in its cannabinoid profile, even in comparison to other versions of the same strain. Very few strains offer the 2:1 THC:CBD combination that this concentrate has to boast. Generally, due to the way that the cannabis industry has inbred and manipulated genetics to suit consumer demands, flower finds itself with either very little to no CBD or with higher proportions of CBD to THC. This is because CBD binds to cannabinoid receptors, limiting the uptake of THC and counteracting the psychoactive properties of THC. This is the basis for the ongoing schism between recreational and medical cannabis. It is also why Heylo works tirelessly to source strains with complex cannabinoid and terpene profiles and not just produce products because of their “perceived” potency. But this particular ratio feels more like the weed of yesteryear, prior to pot industrialization. Lemon Garlic threads the needle between just-for-fun and for-a-purpose cannabis, ironically making it one of the most accessible strains that has hit the market in a long time. 

Lemon Garlic threads the needle between just-for-fun and for-a-purpose cannabis, ironically making it one of the most accessible strains that has hit the market in a long time. 
Lemon Garlic PAX Vape by Heylo with detailed strain information including terpenes and cannabinoids.

In addition to its novel major cannabinoid ratio, Lemon Garlic acquires the remainder of its “entourage effect” from more than 1% of CBG, the uplifting companion to CBD, and high percentages of both Myrcene and Limonene. CBG partners with the Limonene to combat anxiety and provide some humor to your high while Myrcene, notorious for its “couch-locking” quality, seeps in just enough to relax but not sedate. These cannabinoids and terpenes swirl to create a truly unexampled and one of a kind high, both lucid and luxurious while still being fun and palpable. The depth of experience and knowledge required to have curated a strain like this speaks volumes to Heylo’s continued pursuit to provide users with the rare and unparalleled experiences that they are searching for; and, in the era of incredibly specific smoker prerequisites, this is no less than an incredible feat. 

In addition to contributing to the physical effects of this strain, these terpenes are what give Lemon Garlic it’s flavor. You can relax though, as this weed was almost assuredly named and passed down from its mysterious lineage and not due to tasting like the prepared seasoning for a salmon dinner. Limonene, the terpene most associated with citrus, imparts a definite bright forward note, which is more akin to tangerine than lemon. Tartness recedes to the light muskiness associated with myrcene, producing a dry herbal flavor, somewhat like sencha green tea. This is a strain where sticking to the recommended temperature is more of a requirement than just the usual suggestion. The delicacy of these terpenes and cannabinoids becomes undoubtedly scorched at high temperatures and this is one recipe that does not benefit from burnt garlic.  

Altogether, the high from Lemon Garlic is blessedness if used to self-medicate in the morning and rapture if smoked after work. It’s exceptionally fitting that both lemon and garlic have historically been components in old-world remedies and natural medicines because this strain is the perfect prescription to cleanse the negative residual stress from your day. The tension in your shoulders from work melts away and the tightness in your chest from rushing around for your errands fades away. This high is immediate blissful relief. There is an apparent and undeniably effect that, while clearly there, is subtle but commanding in its earnestness. This echoes the ethos of Heylo: a series of products that, while available and sought after on the mass recreational market, are consciously and medically minded. 

It’s difficult not to want to make medical claims about the intoxication of this product. It feels like something positive is happening when you smoke Lemon Garlic. And not just on a temporary level. It seems like it may be changing your internal comfort and homeostasis. While many have leaned into the non-psychoactive cannabinoids for reprieve since the dawn of medicinal cannabis, perchance it was the weed from before therapeutic manipulation that we were searching for all along (after all, there had to be a reason that cannabis could start being seen as medicine). This strain, without the pretentiousness of meaning to, demonstrates the necessity for balance, and avoiding excessive genetic handling. Full spectrum cannabis is “in” and living under the control of inflated analytical numbers is “out”. 

Heylo recommends pairing Lemon Garlic with decompressing, reading in the sun, and lifting your mood, but this has the potential to complement almost any activity. Other highly recommended suggestions would be cooking health-conscious (obviously Italian or Mediterranean) meals for you and your family or roommates after learning about an interesting new ingredient or combating the self- doubt of starting a new hobby. Consumers may easily find themselves buying this cartridge on a repeat basis because of how much they enjoy both the immediate physical effect and the long- term effect on their well being. Yet again, Heylo brings us a product that we didn’t know we needed. But after just a couple puffs, it’s clear that this is definitely a daily-carry. 

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