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Introducing VOLUME Cannabis - One At A Time.

Introducing VOLUME Cannabis - One At A Time.

July 19, 2019
VOLUME is cannabis one at a time. One farmer, one artist, and one community come together to create a limited-release cannabis vape in Washington State. When it's gone, it's gone.

VOLUME Cannabis is connecting people to cannabis in a new way, one farmer, one artist, and one product at a time.

What is VOLUME? 

VOLUME is a line of cannabis concentrates with only ever one product at a time. That's right - we won't ever release more than one VOLUME at a time. This means we pour our entire attention into making each VOLUME an incredible experience - so much so that it creates a community.

How Does VOLUME Work?

With each VOLUME we work with a single farm (cannabis grower) to create the best possible oil with their flower. We then work with an artist who tries the product and manifests the experience into the package design. Lastly, we set up an online community with each VOLUME so you can learn and connect with people who have shared the VOLUME.

Every VOLUME will have a unique taste and experience.
Every VOLUME will have a novel look and design.
Every VOLUME will create a new community.

Why Did Heylo Launch VOLUME? 

VOLUME is built on a simple idea of expressing the ephemeral, ever-changing nature of cannabis. No two cannabis plants, even of the same strain (chemovar) grown in similar environments, will have the exact same chemistry. If you consider multiple growing environments and plant phenotypes you have a recipe for chemical diversity. Cannabis endlessly adapts and changes.

VOLUME tells the story of your cannabis oil, from the farm, through the chemistry, to your community. Any given VOLUME can be shaped by you.

When Will VOLUME Be Available?

VOLUME 1 is now available! This limited-edition product has launched in several Seattle-area stores, including The Novel Tree, Ganja Goddess, Herban Legends, The Reef, Satori, Hashtag, Dockside, as well as the Spokane Cinder stores and many others. Find a map of availability here.

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