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Introducing Heylo's Most Advanced Vape Hardware Yet

Introducing Heylo's Most Advanced Vape Hardware Yet

July 27, 2022
Heylo is leveling up our vape hardware to continue to lead the industry with the highest quality cannabis experience.

Since 2017, Heylo has grown a team and community around a mission to help anyone get more out of life. Since that time, we’ve seen cannabis technology rapidly evolve. To fulfill our mission, Heylo is committed to adopting the technologies that improve the cannabis consumption experience while ensuring as safe an experience as possible. 

Today we are excited to share the most significant update to Heylo’s core vape technology experience since our adoption of the PAX platform in 2019. Effective in August 2022, Heylo is introducing Clean Core hardware to our lineup of the industry’s highest-quality cannabis vapes. 

What Does New Vape Hardware Mean for Me? 

Heylo’s change to Clean Core technology means an even higher level of quality, flavor, consistency, and vapor experience for our community.

Meet Clean Core, our best 510 vape hardware yet!

  • 100% ceramic 
  • NO heavy metals (test results available)
  • No leaks
  • Same amazing taste from the first sip to last
  • Branded with Heylo

When Can I Expect the New Technology?

This transition is happening gradually until we are completely sold out of our current 510 cartridge. That means some Heylo products will remain in the cartridges you know and love and others will have the latest ceramic cartridge hardware. Rest assured - Heylo’s current cartridges are safe and continue to offer the highest-quality cannabis vape experience on the market. 

Above, pure cannabis oil freshly loaded into Heylo's brand new 510-thread Clean Core vapes.

Does this mean Heylo cartridges will go up in price? Nope! We wanted this transition to feel as good as possible for you, including keeping the same great price. 

We are grateful to our community for the support and feedback we have received leading up to this significant evolution. If you’re feeling up for lending a hand, here’s how you can help us during this transition:

  • Prioritize buying the original style cartridge so we can transition as fast as possible
  • Offer us your feedback once you’ve tried the ceramic cartridges, so we can hear how your experience is with the new cartridges 

Authored by

Lo Friesen

Lo is the founder and CEO of Heylo Cannabis. She is an environmental chemist with passions including gastroenterology, golf, and cannabis science.

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