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Introducing Heylo DabCaps - Amplify Your Cannabis Vape

Introducing Heylo DabCaps - Amplify Your Cannabis Vape

April 20, 2021
Heylo® introduces DabCaps - a rig adapter that turns any bong, waterpipe, or dab rig into a vape amplifier. Now available in PAX and Universal (510-thread & PAX) models.

Heylo® is excited to introduce an elegant new accessory that turns any bong or dab rig into a vape amplifier. Using a Heylo DabCap is easy - simply stick the mouthpiece side of any vape onto any clean bong, waterpipe or dab rig and you are ready to roll!

What can you expect from the experience?

Using a Heylo DabCap on a bong with a Heylo vape pen is like taking a bong rip without the smoke. It’s a fun and easy experience without any clean up or residue!

More Detail About Heylo® DabCaps

Heylo DabCaps are available in two styles - PAX and Universal. The PAX DabCap is custom made to fit any PAX ERA pen. The Universal DabCap works with both PAX and 510-threaded vape cartridges.

Heylo DabCaps are nearly indestructible. They have an anti-static coating that repels particles and dust, keeping them clean and beautiful for regular use. They are made of high-quality silicone that can withstand temperatures of more than 550 degrees Fahrenheit.

Order Your Heylo® DabCap today

This item is currently available on the Heylo® Create Store. If you are interested in being a wholesale retailer of Heylo DabCaps, let us know here.

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