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How Heylo Won Four First Place Terpestival Awards

How Heylo Won Four First Place Terpestival Awards

August 15, 2017
How did Heylo Cannabis Extracts walk away with 4 first-place awards at the 3rd Annual Terpestival? Learn what went into the award-winning extract.

In mid-July the 3rd Annual Terpestival took place in SODO, Seattle, WA. The festival seeks to "highlight the quantitative science behind the quality of cannabis, as well as the qualitative experience cannabis terpenes invoke." The event is filled with cannabis academics and intellectuals and featured a keynote by neurologist Dr. Ethan Russo, one of the most-famed researchers in the field of medicinal cannabis. 

As part of the festival a competition was held to crown a winner in 9 categories based on objective and subjective criteria with a panel of 14 judges. 

Heylo Cannabis was awarded 4 first-place recognitions for highest CBD and terpenes, highest pinene, highest myrcene and most broadly therapeutic

How did we do it?

1. Start with the best cannabis

Heylo Cannabis Extracts is unique among cannabis extractors and processors - we only use the highest quality bud material in our extractions. What goes in is what comes out. Starting with terpene-rich pesticide-free material makes a huge difference. Thank you to our friends at Washington Bud Company for supplying the winning material. 

2. Run it on the highest-quality machine

Eden Labs, far and away, produces the highest-quality CO2 extraction machines. Their Hi-Flo extraction systems helped us get closer to a whole plant extraction straight out of the machine.

3. Apply a knowledge of chemistry and extraction technology

When it comes to getting the pressure, temperature and time of your extraction right, it takes a huge amount of testing. Short-cutting this process will manifest itself in a lower-quality final extract. Heylo was founded by Laurel Friesen, an environmental chemist with years of experience working in the extraction field in research and development. She brings her expertise to our lab and pours her heart into each and every extraction.

While simple, these 3 steps are what sets Heylo’s cannabis extracts apart of the crowd. To tour the Heylo Lab and experience cannabis extraction for yourself, reach out to our team here.

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