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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Vape Pen for Cannabis Oil Cartridges

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Vape Pen for Cannabis Oil Cartridges

December 20, 2018
The best vape device for you is the one that fits your lifestyle. If you place special value on your health and wellness, be sure to find a device that offers temperature control, like the PAX ERA.

Maybe you’ve heard about the benefits of vaping cannabis, or perhaps you’ve tried smoking but would prefer a healthier alternative. Perhaps you learned that you can vape cannabis and avoid the “high” altogether in an effort to combat anxiety, chronic pain, nausea, or headaches.Or maybe you’re looking to replace that everyday glass of wine with something less caloric, more creative, and with fewer unhealthy side-effects.  

Heading into 2019, vaping cannabis oil is on the minds of many people preparing to consciously use cannabis to improve their lives. For beginners, taking the first step can feel daunting. Before you can even select what cannabis oil is right for you, you face the decision of picking a vape device (vape battery or vape pen). Lucky for you, the vape device marketplace has come a long way and you can expect a lot from the technology you choose.

Your journey with cannabis is entirely your own. That said, Heylo has interacted with tens of thousands of first-timecannabis users and we’ve gathered some practical advice for beginners to avoid common mistakes and find a vape cartridge device without the headache.

Open Source vs. Proprietary Vape Devices

There are two main types of vape devices for vape cartridges - “open source” technologies and proprietary systems. Deciding between an open source and proprietary system isn’t rocket science, and many customers choose to own both systems. Here, we break down the main differences:

Open Source “5/10-thread” Vape Devices

These devices, often referred to as 5/10 vapes due to the threading used, are the most-common systems on the market. The 5/10 thread is a de facto standard for vape cartridges. CCELL technology developed by Jupiter helped propel this standard to the forefront of the industry in 2017.

The good with 5/10-thread devices:

These devices are usually cheaper than proprietary alternatives.They also come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors, so if individuality is a must you’ll only be limited by your imagination.

The issues with 5/10-thread devices:

You get what you pay for. Cheaper alternatives break more easily and do not offer the sort of temperature control found in a device like the PAX ERA. Temperature control improves the taste of cannabis oil and minimizes potential negative health effects from combustion.

Recommended 5/10-thread device: Heylo 510 Vape ($10)  

Proprietary Vape Devices

Proprietary vape devices for vape cartridges initially developed a bad rep within the cannabis community. They were known for “locking” people in to specific technologies that were insufficient and in compatible with others. Fortunately, proprietary vapes have come a long, longway. Many now cost less and do much more than 5/10-thread devices. Let’s break it down.

The good with proprietary vape devices:

Proprietary vapes offer far more features than 5/10 thread devices,and some of these features aren’t just for show. The PAX ERA, in particular, shines for its feature-set that includes temperature control down to the degree, metered dosing, remote locking, hit tracking and party games.

Temperature control: Why it matters
Let’s step back to review why the temperature control of the PAX ERA is such a critical feature. Setting your vape to the right temperature is better for taste and, more importantly, your health. Volatile compounds in cannabis like terpenes (terpenoids) are easily combusted and degrade in to potentially harmful compounds. You want to vape your oil at the lowest-setting possible to produce vapor (ideally less than 580 degrees Fahrenheit).

Devices like the PAX ERA can be laser engraved to make a device that is entirely your own. PAX teams up with companies like Heylo to offer engravings during promotional events in retail stores.

Other proprietary vapes offer their own unique features, such as Airopro’s vibration setting and custom carrying case.

The bad with proprietary vape devices:

Cost is the number one deterrent for this technology. The PAX ERA retails for about $30-40 in Washington State, while PAX Pods sell for as much as 20-30% more than your equivalent 5/10-thread cartridge. That said, the difference in price has gone down throughout 2018 while the feature set PAX offers has continued to grow.

Some proprietary vapes, such as the Airopro in Washington State,only offer cannabis oil from a single processor. PAX has 5 brands in Washington and nearly 20 in California.

Recommended proprietary vape device: PAX ERA ($30)
Heylo PAX Pods with a PAX ERA device. The PAX ERA provides the most delightful, and healthiest, way to vape cannabis oil in pre-filled cartridges (pods).

Other considerations when choosing a vape device

Let the cannabis oil guide your choice

Beyond temperature control, the other most-important factor in decided what system to buy is finding the right oil for you, your body, and the experience you want with cannabis.

Heylo has a beginner’s guide for understanding THC, CBD, and terpenes here. For more advanced users, explore our strain pages, view analytical results and share your experience with our oils.

The Vape Technology Takeaway

When it comes down to it, the best vape device for you is the one that fits your lifestyle. If you place special value on your health and wellness, be sure to find a device that offers temperature control. If this is your number one concern, the PAX ERA is your obvious choice.

Authored by

Daniel Luebke

Daniel is the Director of Marketing and Brand at Heylo Cannabis. He likes exercising both hemispheres of his brain in environments that require analytical and creative thinking. Daniel studied economics at Northwestern University before working for a fast-growing Silicon Valley company as the first marketing hire. His transition to the cannabis industry came when his partner, Lo, dove head first into launching Heylo in 2017.

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