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Dreaming of Future Travel? Consider These Cannabis-Friendly Destinations

Dreaming of Future Travel? Consider These Cannabis-Friendly Destinations

June 5, 2020
When the world opens up and regular travel resumes, where will you go? Here we explore five cannabis-friendly destinations for a higher-level vacation.

The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has cancelled innumerable events, weddings, reunions, and vacations. One day, however, the world will open itself once again to travel, and it is never too early to dream about potential travel destinations. And what makes a better destination than one that is open to a little weed?

Here, we explore five countries that should be on your tourism bucket list if cannabis-friendliness is among the things you value in your vacation destination.

Canada's beautiful blue, er, green waters.


The United States’ friendly neighbor to the North also happens to be a haven for stoners. You can buy and smoke weed legally, but you’ll need to know where to find it, as one of the caveats of legalization was that suppliers are not allowed to engage in big advertising campaigns. Still, there are shops throughout Canada, and you can even buy online from MMJDirect, where you’ll find a range of different smokables and edibles to suit every taste and budget.   


If you are planning an expedition to Latin America, forget the more popular destinations like Rio de Janeiro or Buenos Aires and head for Montevideo. Not only is Uruguay’s capital a bustling and friendly city with great nightlife, but it is also the continent’s most weed-friendly destination. It legalized cannabis way back in 2013, and you can buy it in any pharmacy. You’ll need to fill in a government registration form first, but it is quick and easy to do so. 

A coffee-shop in Amsterdam, with much more than coffee inside.

The Netherlands

There was a time when if you wanted to smoke weed in public, Amsterdam was the only place to go. That’s no longer true in a literal sense, as this list demonstrates, but this is still the ultimate destination for stoners. The city’s coffee shops have been welcoming weed smokers with open arms for decades, and the friendly and positive culture here is like nowhere else on earth. A peculiarity, however, is that cultivation is still prohibited, although there are signs that change is in the air.

The Czech Republic

American’s are often surprised to learn that Prague is one of Europe’s most popular party destinations. As well as an abundance of clubs and bars selling cheap drinks, the Czech Republic has a relatively relaxed and tolerant attitude toward cannabis. This has culminated in decriminalization for possession of up to 15 grams, which should be more than enough for a weekend to remember. Bear in mind that there is very little cultivation here, so unlike the beer, it does not come cheap.


Speaking of hidden gems on the party circuit, Cambodia is one of those places that might not seem like an obvious choice. But those who visit once tend to return time and again. Strictly speaking, weed is illegal, but it is ubiquitous and culturally accepted. It is also incredibly cheap. And don’t be surprised to see a menu item or two marked “happy” on the menu - it might come infused or alongside a green treat!

Did your favorite cannabis-friendly destination not make our list? Know of a place that is on the come up? Let us know in the comments!

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