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Developing a Conscious Relationship with Cannabis

Developing a Conscious Relationship with Cannabis

May 8, 2018
Similar to the organic food movement, there is an increasing preference among recreational cannabis users to find cultivate a more conscious relationship with flower or vape products.

A guest post by Michelle Custodio

The continuing push for the legalization of cannabis across the world has resulted in the growth of a multi-billion-dollar industry supporting a wide-variety of products that range from vaporizables to tinctures. As the drug continues to gain prominence for therapeutic use, and as investors put their money in related companies, cannabis continues to gain legal status in more and more jurisdictions. It’s as-important as ever to take a step back and look at ways in which recreational consumers can develop a conscious relationship with this incredible plant.

Why It Is Important to Develop a Conscious Relationship with the Plants You Smoke or Vaporize

Similar to the organic food movement that is rapidly sweeping across the globe, there is an increasing preference among recreational cannabis users for “organic” cannabis (organic is a term regulated by the USDA, which makes cannabis in-eligible).

Just like food, it is important to question the source of your cannabis. In what type of soil was the plant grown? Did the grower use toxic pesticides that are absorbed by the plants and leech into rainwater runoff? Is it a socially and environmentally-responsible product? These factors come into play as you develop a conscious relationship with your cannabis.

1. Look for Outdoor, Pesticide-free, Sustainably-grown Cannabis

The key thing to keep in mind is the type of marijuana you are getting. Was it grown indoors or outdoors? While indoor cultivation lets growers produce throughout the year, it also needs a lot of equipment to create artificial lighting, cooling and ventilation, as well as dehumidifying. The massive amounts of power used by indoor growing equipment result in a considerable environmental footprint.

While outdoor growing is seasonal and more sustainable, it consumes a large amount of water. In addition, if improper growing practices are utilized, the land and soil can be degraded, and there is a risk of chemical runoff from pesticides and fertilizers.

Your best bet is to source your cannabis from smaller grow operations that use organic fertilizers and pest control methods, such as predatory insects, fungi and bacteria, instead of chemical products.

2. Set Aside Your Own Sacred Space

Especially for first-time users, it is important to be in the right environment when smoking marijuana. Deciding on the right atmosphere in which to enjoy your spiritual marijuana experience is something that takes trial and error before you can get it right. When starting out, it is best to do it in a place that you know well, surrounded by people you trust. When smoking socially, share your space with people with whom you share an intimate connection, to lessen any feelings of anxiety you may have.

Consider creating a sacred and positive setting whenever you want to consume marijuana. Although many people are used to smoking or vaping at loud parties or within chaotic settings, it is worth your while experimenting by adding more intention to your space. If you have a peaceful and pleasing environment, you will obtain much more benefit from consuming marijuana, possibly even gaining spiritual insight.

3. Consuming Cannabis While Taking Solo Nature Walks

Today, hiking and setting off on adventures in nature have become favorite pastimes for otherwise busy people, whenever they have some free time. It is a good idea to try consuming cannabis while exploring the great outdoors on your own to see what the experience opens up for you.

For centuries, cannabis has been a companion of many explorers of nature and the outdoors; there is just something about imbibing marijuana in-between big breaths of fresh, country air that connects us to the organic landscape.

The ability to connect people’s consciousness with their natural surroundings has made many cultures consider cannabis as a ‘teacher’ plant. It is often used ‘shamanically’ to communicate with ‘mother nature’ on a spiritual level.

The Takeaway

Once you have your organically and ethically grown weed and have created a positive space to enjoy the experience, you are prepared to receive the amazing benefits that can be gained from using cannabis. Maybe it is time you shifted your focus from merely spacing out on the couch to communing spiritually with an amazing plant.

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