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Comparing Delta-9 THC vs. Delta-8 and Delta-10: How It's Made Makes All the Difference

Comparing Delta-9 THC vs. Delta-8 and Delta-10: How It's Made Makes All the Difference

July 13, 2021
Heylo's CEO, Lo, discusses the highly disputed rise of THC isomers. Learn how Heylo uses delta-10 isomers to help you get more out of life with The New Workout Plan (limited-release oil with more than 20% delta-10 THC, a very rare compound)!

I·so·mer /ˈīsəmər/

Two or more compounds with the same formula but a different arrangement of atoms in the molecule and different properties.

Delta-9 THC, delta-8 THC and delta-10 THC are isomers.

Because of this tiny shift in atoms, these molecules will interact with the endocannabinoid system differently leading to a difference in effect. The rise of THC isomers has recently gained a lot of press. This mainly stems from the surfacing of these isomers, especially delta-8 THC, in hemp products. Since the passing of the Farm Bill in 2018, CBD and hemp based products have grown exponentially within marketplaces across the U.S. These products can be found anywhere from Saks Fifth Ave to your local gas station, touting the myriad of benefits of hemp and CBD. The question remains, how are companies producing THC isomers from hemp?

Delta-9 THC is a non-polar lipid, which is derived from the cannabis plant by way of delta-9-THCA. THC isomers can be naturally found in the cannabis plant, however, cannabis is bred genetically for the production of delta-9-THCA. This means that in order to reach high concentrations of THC isomers, as seen in many of the products that have entered the hemp market, a delta-9 THC or CBD molecule must undergo a process to convert the compound from THC or CBD to delta-8 THC or delta-10 THC.

Basic chemistry, using chemical synthesis or temperature and pressure, can be applied to these molecules to manipulate them into the other, with much higher concentrations and efficiency than the plant naturally produces. So, CBD manufacturers are turning to using solvents and acids to chemically synthesize isomers. 

Many operators are not equipped to:

  • Properly handle these solvents and acids
  • Properly remove all residual solvents
  • Remediate byproducts from the product

Without regulation in the CBD market, they are not testing for these residual solvents or byproducts in the end consumer good. Consumer safety is of the utmost importance and yet consumers are unaware of the potential risks involved with these unregulated products.

What are those potential risks?

Risks of inhaling, ingesting, or topically applying products with mid-high concentrations of the solvents used in this process include:

  • Irritation of the lungs or skin 
  • Exposure to harmful/unknown solvents

This is compounded by the fact that this conversion process has jeopardized the local legal markets. Some licensed processors in regulated markets, like Washington State, have transitioned from sourcing locally grown THC cannabis biomass to sourcing CBD extract from out of state and even international sources and converting it into delta-9 THC. Not only are consumers at risks, but our local regulated cannabis industry and tax dollars that would otherwise be collected from the local suppliers.  

How does this relate to Heylo? 

Heylo’s mission is to help anyone get more out of life. We believe cannabis can provide incredibly diverse experiences and have launched The New Workout Plan to share a new experience for consumers to try. TNWP has over 20% delta-10 THC and offers consumers an uplifting burst of energy. Users of delta-10 THC products report feelings of creativity, euphoria, alertness, and energy. TNWP pairs perfectly with a long summer day or powering through a workout. While using chemicals may appear to be the easiest and fastest way to produce these isomers, Heylo is proud to produce The New Workout Plan without the addition of any solvents. Delta-10 is an isomer of delta-9, which we’ve produced by manipulating heat and pressure and starting from the same CO2 extracted oil as any Heylo vape product. If you’re interested in learning more, join us for a tour of our lab! In the meantime, let us know how you are using The New Workout Plan to help you get more out of life. 

working out with cannabis

chemistry of new workout plan delta 10

Where can I buy the New Workout Plan and try out Heylo’s products today?

delta 10 vape

The New Workout Plan is only available for a limited time in Washington State i502 cannabis retail stores that carry Heylo.

Not every store will carry this product. The first round of retailers to pick up this product are the following partners:

  • The Novel Tree (Bellevue)
  • The Reef (Capitol Hill)
  • Higher Leaf (Kirkland)
  • Green Theory (Factoria)
  • Chimacum Cannabis

Authored by

Lo Friesen

Lo is the founder and CEO of Heylo Cannabis. She is an environmental chemist with passions including gastroenterology, golf, and cannabis science.

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