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Our Blade Tip Turns Your Battery Into a Hot Knife

Our Blade Tip Turns Your Battery Into a Hot Knife

December 19, 2022
Turn your existing battery into a hot knife with the Heylo Blade Tip, available now on Amazon.

Cannabis dabs, which come in a variety of forms, potencies, and chemical profiles, are a popular way to consume cannabis at high-concentrations. Heylo makes a variety of lower-potency, minor-cannabinoid dabbable products called Heylo Jam

One of the challenges of working with dabs, or dabbable cannabis wax, is the consistency. The thick concentrate can stick to almost anything, and a user can lose a significant amount of valuable concentrate while transferring the dab from a jar to their rig.

Heylo now offers a Blade Tip which is designed to make working with dabs easy and efficient. The Heylo Blade Tip works as a “hot knife” for your existing 510-thread battery. 

hot knife blade tip by heylo
Above, the Heylo Blade tip hot knife adapter for 510-threaded batteries.

How to Use the Heylo Blade Tip

Using the Heylo Blade Tip is a breeze. Simply screw the Blade Tip onto your 510 battery, pick up the cannabis concentrate with the angled tip, then press the button on your battery to dispense the oil onto your dab rig or device. 

Where to Buy the Heylo Blade Tip

Currently this hot knife adapter is available on Amazon in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Customers with Amazon Prime may be eligible for free one-day or two-day shipping on the device.

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