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Hey, I'm Lo. Behind Building Heylo Cannabis Extracts

Hey, I'm Lo. Behind Building Heylo Cannabis Extracts

January 5, 2017
Why are we Heylo? What do we stand for? Learn Lo's story, from environmental chemistry to medicine to cannabis extracts and everything in between.

Hey, I'm Lo. My full name is Laurel Friesen, but my little brother gave me the nickname Lo at a young age. It's easier for people to say and remember. And now it is a part of the company that bears my name.

Why are we here?

The cannabis plant has been shared by humans for millennia. It is capable of bringing people together, opening hearts and minds to a community and culture that has sustained throughout history. Yet, like all things, it has natural limits and appropriate settings. It is a gift from the Earth that must be studied, understood and respected. 

Respect for cannabis and the planet that brought it to bare natural wonder is at the heart of why Heylo was born. Conscious use of cannabis starts with conscious production at every stage of development. Heylo is defined by our mission - to help anyone get more out of life.

How do we help anyone get more out of life? By making cannabis extracts that are as close to the plant as possible.

My Story

After studying environmental chemistry at Northwestern University I obtained a research and clinical position within Northwestern Memorial Hospital's renowned gastroenterology department. I was continuing my lifelong dream of becoming a doctor and helping people through medicine. As the road to medical school was presenting challenges, my father, an M.D., encouraged me to look into the nascent cannabis industry for opportunity to help people. Together we dreamed of helping our hometown in Ohio fight the opioid epidemic with a much safer plant. I packed my bags and moved to Seattle, WA to help lead the research and development team at Eden Labs, the leading CO2 extraction equipment manufacturer. This role led me to a position within a Seattle CO2 extraction company. Alas, that company failed, but it led me to the opportunity to acquire the license to process and start a company of my own - Heylo.

To Get More Out Of Life

I wanted to build a company that would help people get more out of life. The natural chemistry of cannabis inherently does this by promoting homeostasis in the body. But not all cannabis is suited to do this. The chemistry of cannabis influences the effects produced on the human body. Heylo makes cannabis oils that have balanced chemical profiles and are as close to the plant as possible. To do this, we source carefully-crafted flower that already has incredible chemistry, and then we respect it at every stage of extraction. Our proprietary CO2 extraction method is called RawX.

Our Values

Our Mission has held true since Day 0. It is supported by our values, which we have defined along the way. Today we embrace 3 core values - education, transparency and sustainability. Heylo is a brand built upon these principals. In the cannabis market, we recognized an absence of conscious production and access to quality education. We believe cannabis is capable of healing the Earth, but only when produced, processed, shared and consumed consciously. We aim to be a part of the solution and we appreciate your support in our journey.

Authored by

Lo Friesen

Lo is the founder and CEO of Heylo Cannabis. She is an environmental chemist with passions including gastroenterology, golf, and cannabis science.

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