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Behind Building Heylo Cannabis Extracts

Behind Building Heylo Cannabis Extracts

January 5, 2017
Why are we Heylo? What do we stand for?

Why are we Heylo? What do we stand for?

The cannabis plant has been shared by humans for millennia. It is capable of bringing people together, opening hearts and minds to a community and culture that has sustained throughout history. Yet, like all things, it has natural limits and appropriate settings. It is a gift from the Earth that must be studied, understood and respected. 

Respect for cannabis and the planet that brought it to bare natural wonder is at the heart of why Heylo was born. Conscious use of cannabis starts with conscious production at every stage of development. We are Heylo because we respect cannabis and wish to deliver an experience it that is lush, honest and pure?

How do we achieve Lush, Honest and Pure? It starts with our knowledge of nature, environment and chemistry. Our curiosity along with our adherence to the scientific method and is immutable. Critique and new perspectives are not ignored but instead cherished. It is only through an open mind that we can develop improved ideas, methods, and superior product. At the end of the day we distill this philosophy to our two core values: Education and Transparency.

Heylo is a brand built upon these principals. In the cannabis market, we recognized an absence of conscious production and access to quality education. We aim to be a part of the solution and we appreciate your support in the journey.

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