8 Ways Cannabis Can Be Beneficial to Cats and Dogs

One compound in cannabis, CBD, is showing promise for providing relief to animals and pets with a range of symptoms. But how should you decide if CBD is right for your pet? How do you go about choosing a product?

As of 2018, medical cannabis (marijuana) is legal in a majority of the United States. But legality is just one of the things you should consider when it comes to using cannabis for your pets. Understanding that pets respond much different to cannabis than humans should be a primary driver of your exploration.

Various compounds in cannabis can pose harm to your pets. The actual plant itself shouldn’t be fed to your pets as it could be toxic to their bodies. If you keep a stash or grow it in your yard, you should do your best to not let your pets have easy access. While they are unlikely to die from consumption of THC, it is unlikely to be a pleasant experience beyond a tiny dose.

In short, given the current evidence, CBD is the compound in cannabis that is showing the most promise for providing relief to pets with virtually zero side effects.

With respect to identifying the right cannabis product to give your pets, the options are varied in chemical makeup and purity. Most pet CBD formulations are mainly made with hemp oil supposedly rich in cannabidiol (CBD). Identifying a trusted source for your CBD matters, as it could contain other potentially harmful compounds, or nothing beneficial at all. A US-based company with easy-to-reach points of contact in a medical or recreational market is more likely to provide you with a quality, safe product than an obscure international source.

Veterinarians and CBD Products

Consulting your vet with respect to dosing CBD for your pet is a good idea. That said, keep your expectations in line, especially in states that have yet to legalize medical marijuana (cannabis). U.S. Federal Law still considers marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug, limiting veterinarians reign on prescription and study/research.

However, you can still try to find vets who will serve as a guide and aid in the process. It’s best to seek out a veterinarian who applies a holistic approach to medicine. You should anticipate that they will warn you about the lack of research and evidence surrounding CBD.

But do CBD products really make a difference for pets? What about THC?

CBD products can be beneficial for your pets as many owners around the world will attest.

The Entourage Effect describes the way the various compounds in cannabis work together to interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). For humans, CBD works better alongside THC - they have a synergistic relationship. For pets this is not likely the case, as THC can be toxic to their bodies. You should not experiment with giving your pets THC. That said, if your pet was accidentally dosed with THC, follow these instructions here.

Before you start giving your furry friend CBD, consider looking for a product that has a community-verified reputation, such as HonestPaws cbd oil for dogs.

Here we list 8 ways CBD products can be beneficial to you cats and dogs.

1.  It can help your pets with chronic pain

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that could help alleviate the pain your pets have if they are suffering from any. CBD has pain receptors that affect your pet’s brain by stopping it from sending pain signals to its body.

If you plan on using CBD products on your pets to alleviate pain, there two main ways to do this using CBD oil. You can give them the oil orally or rub it on the part where your pet is experiencing pain.

2. CBD can be good for anxious and depressed pets

Just like humans, our pets are susceptible to chemical imbalance in the brain that causes severe anxiety and even depression. Pets who are prone to panicking and have severe trauma can greatly benefit from using CBD products.

Giving your pets CBD when they suffering from anxiety or depression can aid in leveling the chemicals in their brain like serotonin. Giving your pet a CBD treat or oil could help them calm down and relax.

3. It can help fight and slow tumor growth

So far, only few studies have been conducted to understand the effects of CBD on malignant tumors and cancer. A study conducted by the University of Camerino in Italy showed that CBD can slow down a tumor growth in the brain.

If you decide on letting your pet undergo chemotherapy after getting diagnosed, CBD could also help your animal cope with any adverse effects of chemo.

4. It can help overcome and avoid seizures

Pets with epilepsy suffer from seizures that are usually treated by anticonvulsant drugs. Take note that epilepsy can’t really be cured but seizures can be treated and using CBD is a natural way of treating it.

Since this is considered a natural treatment, it will only have little to no side effects. In one study, the use of CBD on epileptic pets even seem to have improved their condition. It’s also said that pets with treatment-resistant epilepsy had fewer seizures after CBD usage.

5. Stimulating your pet’s appetite

There are multiple reasons why your pet won’t eat and this could get you really worried. Lack of appetite can affect your pet’s energy and could also mean that something is wrong. If your dog or cat hasn’t had anything for two whole days, you should immediately consult a vet.

During a study made to check CBD’s effect on dogs with cancer, increase of appetite was something evident. Even if this is something that could work to increase your pet’s appetite, it’s best to exhaust the 48-hour rule. Just to be sure that your pet isn’t just in the mood to eat.

6. It could help with dizziness and nausea

Nausea and dizziness can be caused by different factors like your pet’s diet; or if they are sick, it could be the medication prescribed to them.

When your pet has been vomiting or seems to be loopy from what they took, you can use CBD for them to feel better. You can choose to give them oil orally or CBD capsules. For this case, your pet will most likely not take CBD treats so try to avoid that.

7. Helping pets with diabetes

Knowing that your pet has diabetes could be really hard. As mentioned, CBD has anti-inflammatory components that could help ease chronic pains. Chronic inflammations can actually contribute to insulin resistance.

Aside from that, a study at Hebrew University in Jerusalem found that CBD can improve your pet’s metabolism. That would also help avoid insulin-resistance since fast metabolism means faster absorption of sugar.

8. Pets need beauty sleep too!

If you find that your pet has been restless for two days, then it could be because it is stressed or bothered by something. It’s still best to talk to a vet to know why your pet has been restless but giving it any CBD product could help your pet relax and easily sleep.

The Bottom Line with Pets, Cannabis and CBD.

You shouldn’t be afraid when it comes to giving your pets CBD products. If THC level is near zero you can rest assured that your pet will be fine. For products higher in THC, a bit more testing and veterinary consultation should be considered.

Many pet owners have witnessed the multitude of benefits of CBD products with pets. If you’re concerned traditional medications are not appropriate for your pet, CBD may be an alternative option for wellness. That said, one should not expect a miracle. While for humans CBD works best in combination with THC, THC products may not be appropriate for pets.

A final reminder that, just like humans not all pets are the same. Every endocannabinoid system (ECS) will respond differently to phytocannabinoids like CBD. Starting with low doses, frequently monitoring behavior and consulting a veterinarian can help alleviate risk to your pet.

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