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40 under 40 - Lo Friesen

Lo Friesen founded Heylo at 25, making her business one of the very few woman-owned extraction brands in the cannabis industry, and making her among the youngest business owners in cannabis.
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Disposable Vapes Are An Environmental Concern But Producers Won't Stop Making 'til You Stop Buying

Rising consumer demand comes despite environmental concerns lobbed at various market aspects, from cultivation to packaging. Worries are exceptionally high on single-use disposable vaporizers.
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Extraction Extravaganza

A deep look at the extracts and concentrates sector of the cannabis industry
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Our Favorite Cannabis Vaping Products - 10 Buds

10Buds names Heylo as a top cannabis vape for wellness, taste, and effects in Heylo's RawX oil.
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Weed for your mom: Our picks for the best Mother’s Day gifts for all the moms in your life

Now, what exactly is mom-friendly? Obviously, moms come in all shapes, sizes, and tolerance levels. So we’ve tried to find a little something for every mom.
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Cannabis Industry Leaders Share the Importance of the 420 Holiday

"420 is simultaneously about everything and nothing at the same time. This lack of clarity makes it an inclusive holiday and celebration - one that can be embraced and rewritten..."
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The Marijuana Industry Hurts Black and Latinx Sellers, Here’s How To Break The Cycle

Black Girl Nerds compiled 5 cannabis brands that are Black or Latinx-owned to support not only when stocking up on 4/20 gifts, but for every weed need going forward.
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Heylo Among Top 10 Woman-Owned Cannabis Brands in USA

Heylo ranked 8th nationally among women-owned companies and 51st among all companies in MJInsights Heat Index.
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23 Minority-Led Brands You’ll Want on Your Shelves

As demographics shift, it’s becoming more important than ever to keep offerings fresh—and this includes seeking out minority-owned brands with unique products, perspectives, and value propositions.
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