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Tropicana Rainbows

Heylo Presents

Tropicana Rainbows

Tropicana Rainbows beams you up to realms of mental paradise.

Exploring the chemistry of

Tropicana Rainbows

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TOP TERPENES (100% from cannabis FLOWER)
  • 1.0% Bisabolol
  • 0.8% a-Maaliene
  • 0.6% Limonene

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Tropicana Rainbows

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Tropicana Rainbows

Tropicana Rainbows beams you up to realms of mental paradise. With a flavor palette that is reminiscent of sweet honeysuckle and chamomile, and a high CBG content, this chemovar surely captures an uplifted and tropical state of mind. Energetic (without paranoia) but also amazing for vibin' out to your favorite jams, Tropicana Rainbows pairs beautifully with chillin', picnics, bike riding, soaking up the last bits of summer and getting lost in the clouds.

Sky High and Sunnyside Farms
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Tropicana Rainbows

Terpenes in
Tropicana Rainbows

Terpenes are light, volatile compounds that occur naturally in many foods, spices and plants. Cannabis has high levels of terpenes. The plant developed terpenes to attract helpful predators, ward off pests and, possibly, to bond with humans as it spread around the globe.

Terpenes tremendously influence the taste, effects and medical benefits of cannabis.[1]
Cannabinoids and terpenes work better together to produce the "Entourage Effect".

The terpenes in all Heylo products are natively-derived from the full-bud, pesticide-free cannabis we source from small, sustainable farmers. This means all of the terpenes you find in Heylo's products came from the plant and appear in roughly the same ratios as they would in the flower.

Learn more about terpenes, cannabinoids, and the endocannabinoid systems (ECS) in Heylo's higherED video series on YouTube.


Common in all citrus, this terpene helps boost mood (antidepressant) with potential gastrointestinal benefits.
Citrus and sour lemon.
Fights Pain
Focus Aid
Energy Lift
Sleep Aid

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Tropicana Rainbows