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Mother of Dragons

Mother of Dragons

Strain Analytical Results and experiential Pairing

You have a right to know about the cannabis you vaporize.

At Heylo we make the detailed analytical laboratory results for all of our strains available before they hit shelves. We curate a playlist to the strain so you have a concept of what experience is in store.

Analytics tests are conducted by Confidence Analytics, a state certified, third-party analytical lab in the Seattle, WA area.

Mother of Dragons

Fiercely motivating, creative & centering. Find your fire with Heylo's Mother of Dragons.

How Users Describe the Effects of Heylo's

Mother of Dragons

This NEW Limited Edition oil is a blend of outdoor grown goodness. The blend includes: Dragon Breath, Dragon Lady, Jack's Dragon, Jack's Dragon Girl, Doug's Girl, White Widow and Harle-Tsu.

Rare Cannabinoids include:

3.2% CBG

2.7% CBN

2.1% CBC

Total Terpenes:
  • Valencene - .65%
  • Caryophyllene - .5%
  • Humulene - .47%

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Mother of Dragons

Terpenes in
Mother of Dragons

Terpenes are light, volatile compounds that occur naturally in many foods, spices and plants. Cannabis has high levels of terpenes. The plant developed terpenes to attract helpful predators, ward off pests and, possibly, to bond with humans as it spread around the globe.

Terpenes tremendously influence the taste, effects and medical benefits of cannabis.[1]
Cannabinoids and terpenes work better together to produce the "Entourage Effect".

The terpenes in all Heylo products are natively-derived and never separated during processing. This means all of the terpenes you find in Heylo's products came from the plant and appear in roughly the same ratios as the flower.

Below: Terpene Insights from True Terpenes
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Mother of Dragons