What is Heylo doing
to protect our Earth?

The cannabis industry uses a tremendous amount of energy and produces a significant amount of waste.

This doesn't respect the values of the plant.

Fortunately, it doesn't have to be this way. Companies like Heylo and our partners are taking steps to reduce, reuse, recycle, and give back to the only home we've ever known.

Heylo was founded by Lo Friesen, an environmental chemist.
How does that legacy play out in our lab, team, and ethos?

Heylo Loves Our Pale Blue Dot

cannabis recycling

Our box is made locally, 100% recyclable, and produced from post-recycled (non-virgin) material.

zero waste cannabis production

We are a zero-waste cannabis facility. 100% of the bud in our lab gets is used or reintroduced to the system.

water use and sustainability in cannabis production

We save the water and waxes that are produced from extraction for other products (our topicals).

co2 extraction and cannabis sustainability

We recapture CO2 during extraction and we reuse any ethanol used in post-processing to clean the lab surfaces, beakers, etc.

sourcing sustainable cannabis for production

We only source sustainably-grown cannabis. Grown under the sun or LEDs without the use of any pesticides (including organic pesticides, only beneficial insects).

cannabis clean up events

We regularly participate or host clean-up events around Seattle and Western Washington.