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Music. Cannabis. Community.

Why We’re Building Heylo Sessions

Heylo Sessions was born out of the idea that music, art, community and cannabis are natural companions. In 2016, before Heylo came to be, the team started asking questions. What if we shared the amazing work of up-and-coming artists paired to a strain of cannabis? What if we created an environment that could inspire new experiences and new understandings of cannabis? What if we raised money for good causes in an atmosphere of good things? These ideas bore the inception of Heylo Sessions.

Heylo Sessions is a fusion of positive creative experiences, education and community. We present up-and-coming musical and artistic talent in the spirit of learning, community, charity and the conscious use of cannabis.

Heylo Sessions is a demonstration that cannabis is capable of serving our minds, bodies, relationships, and communities. Heylo Sessions exhibits the amazing talents and creativity of humankind, while creating a safe and nurturing environment for creativity and development.

Thank you for helping shape the journey and movement.

- The Heylo Sessions Team