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The New Workout Plan by Heylo - An Energizing Cannabis Oil

The New Workout Plan by Heylo - An Energizing Cannabis Oil

September 16, 2020
Exploring the unique chemistry and oil of The New Workout Plan, a cannabis oil with a high level of delta-10 and notably energizing, uplifting effects.

If you're reading this blog, you're probably not working out. That's OK, there's a time and a place for everything. But for many people, it can be a struggle to summon the motivation to hit the gym (or, in the era of COVID, the living room floor - slay those at-home crunches!). When it comes to getting more out of life, physical activity is a must. Even a little exercise - including walking, yoga, or gardening - can have a meaningful impact on overall mental health and wellness. Some studies suggest exercise has a greater impact on happiness than accumulation of wealth.

We've previously covered how cannabis and working out can go hand-in-hand, and we've curated workouts for specific strains, like Spring Equinox. Now we're featuring a new product with some unique chemistry - let's get moving!

Introducing The New Workout Plan - A Cannabis Oil

Why this unique oil is so different, and how it came to be

The New Workout Plan is a limited-release cannabis oil by Heylo. This energizing THC-dominant has high levels of minor or rare cannabinoids, namely delta-10 THC (11%+), along with relatively high levels of CBC (1.7%) and CBT (1.3%).

The chemistry of The New Workout Plan by Heylo

What's the deal with Delta-10?

Delta-10 THC is a relatively unknown isomer of THC, generally found in small amounts in cannabis concentrates. Anecdotal reports of the experience of pure delta-10 THC are limited - and we even less data exists on how delta-10 interacts synergistically with the other cannabinoids and terpenes of cannabis oils. That said, the experience of The New Workout Plan suggests a highly energizing ride for consumers.

What are people saying who have tried this oil?

This oil is great for...

  • "Powering through a workout, finishing a to-do list at the end of the day, HIIT workout..."
  • "Working out (duh), chores I don't want to do, and being productive..."

Other experiences...

  • "Strong Coffee alternative, Starting your day, clear minded energy boost. Walking, hiking, day-tripping, dancing, partying, playing, goofing off."
  • "My body felt very relaxed and lighter than air, felt like my chest and shoulders could float away. Unlike most head highs when I feel somewhat clouded and confused, I felt very focused and attentive."
  • "I was sleepy before I smoked it, now I’m feeling like I need to do a 10k??? On a Monday??? After work?????"
The New Workout Plan with Delta-10 THC

The Origin of The Unique Chemistry of The New Workout Plan

Heylo makes cannabis oils that help people get more out of life. Our process for making this a reality centers on our RawX holistic method with two simple steps, source high-quality material and respect it at every stage of extraction. Meanwhile, our team embraces a culture of experimentation and learning in our lab...

Why does this oil have a unique color? Taste? Effect?

Compared to our traditional RawX oils, The New Workout Plan has a unique color, flavor, and effect. Why?

The New Workout Plan started with single-strain (Cookies & Creme) full-bud cannabis from Constellation Cannabis. Following a full-bud CO2 extraction, our team wasn't satisfied with the oil in its RawX form. Rather than do away with the oil, we used it for experimentation with the intention to learn. The distillation experiment we ran with this oil, headed by Robert Bruce, yielded something unexpected - a surprisingly high level of delta-10 THC. The New Workout Plan has approximately 11% delta-10 THC - far exceeding any previous Heylo product. While it was exciting for the team to witness this new chemistry, the real fervor came as the Heylo team conducted quality assurance testing on the oil. The experience among our test cohort was resolute - "energizing", "euphoric", "amped", "jazzed". Hence, The New Workout Plan was born. 

Our quality assurance tests left us without a choice - given the excited it produced we knew had to bring this oil to market, regardless of the departure from our traditional process. We settled on a name that reflected the energizing nature of the experience, and The New Workout Plan was born.

Where can I buy The New Workout Plan?

The New Workout Plan is only available for a limited time in Washington State i502 cannabis retail stores that carry Heylo.

Not every store will carry this product. The first round of retailers to pick up this product are the following partners:

  • The Novel Tree (Bellevue)
  • The Reef (Capitol Hill)
  • Higher Leaf (Kirkland)
  • Green Theory (Factoria)
  • Chimacum Cannabis

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The Heylo Team

The Heylo Team is made up of "Heylo Angels". Our mission is to make cannabis products that help people get more out of life.

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